Indiana Gov. Vetoes Bill That Would Prevent Trans Athletes In K-12 Sports

John Simmons | March 22, 2022
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Republican Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb vetoed a bill on Monday that would have prevented men who identify as women from competing in K-12 sports in the state.

The Bill, HEA 1041, was deemed by Democratic leaders and Holcomb as unnecessary, with the governor saying that he deemed that the bill tried to solve a problem that currently does not exist.

“The presumption of the policy laid out in HEA 1041 is that there is an existing problem in K-12 sports in Indiana that requires further state government intervention,” Holcomb said. “It implies that the goals of consistency and fairness in competitive female sports are not currently being met. After a thorough review, I find no evidence to support either claim even if I support the overall goal.”

Democrats who opposed the bill applauded Holcomb’s decision, saying that it was “encouraging to see Governor Eric Holcomb tell his party that their culture wars have crossed the line.”

Hang on a second … what do you mean “crossed a line?” 

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There is already a fierce culture war raging in the world of sports, and it was initiated by the same progressives that are decrying this bill as going too far. We have seen the deconstruction of reality and the creation of a world where we allow our children to switch genders if they feel like it. Mind you, this is the same side that raucously celebrates and idolizes a man who lives in the delusion that he can be a female and then destroys real women in swimming (yes, Lia Thomas, I’m talking about you). Everything is fair game at this point.

So if Indiana Republicans want to go on the offensive (counteroffensive, really) to make sure that girls play girl’s sports and that boys play boy’s sports, why should that be deemed as too aggressive? Those few who still believe that there is some standard of truth in society have been far too passive in preserving it, so proposing a bill like this should be seen as a good thing.

Furthermore, why wouldn’t the governor use his power to ensure that K-12 sports aren’t ruined in the future, even if it is not a problem currently? We all know progressives do not rest until they have their toxic ideologies implemented in all aspects of our culture.

Fortunately, despite Holcomb’s cowardice, there is still a strong chance that the bill gets passed anyway. Republicans currently hold a supermajority in both Senate chambers and would only need a simple majority to veto Holcomb’s decision.

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