Insane: Drunk Driver’s Road Rage Captured On Video

Monica Sanchez | December 30, 2014
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After a woman and her son spotted a white van tailing another vehicle in a possible case of road rage, they followed in an attempt to capture the driver’s license plate number and report it to the police.

The son, sitting in the passenger seat, recorded the incident, which proceeded to escalate rather quickly.

Tailing the vehicles from a distance, the mother and son could see the white van aggressively follow a minivan, which even slowed down so as to allow the raging driver to go right on ahead and pass it. The van then rammed into multiple cars, caused other drivers to veer and hit one another, swerved into the opposite lane of traffic, and slammed into a mass of trees.

According to YouTube videos of the dangerous event, the incident took place in St. Charles, Illinois on Dec. 27, just two days after Christmas.

Even before the police released a report detailing that the man was, in fact, driving under the influence, witnesses on video could tell the man was clearly intoxicated.

"Yeah, this guy is drunk," the son said while looking into the driver's window. "This guy is wasted."

The drunk driver had apparently rear-ended a 2001 Ford Escape stopped in traffic in Batavia before he headed north toward St. Charles. The town of Batavia sits a couple of miles south of the scene of the crash. 

Here are two videos of the aftermath below. 

Part 2: 

Part 3: