'Instagram Moms' Asking Babies for Consent to Pick Them Up

Nick Kangadis | June 15, 2017
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In possibly the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while, and that’s saying something, a new “trend” has been hitting Instagram by people with what seems like very little intelligence.

Instagram moms — I wasn’t aware that was even a thing — who feel the need to post their life stories on social media, as if people actually care, have begun a new parenting trend where in the parents have to ask their babies if they consent to being picked up.

I wish this was a joke, but it’s too dumb to be misconstrued as anything comedic.

The intention for engaging in this practice is to raise their sons not to grow up and become “rapists.”

Well folks, it has finally happened. People have become so stupid that it defies logic.

According to Heat Street, one mother posted that she always her baby son if she is allowed to pick him up, because “we want him to know that his body is his.”

Who else’s would his body belong to? Even if you pick up a child without consent, and I can’t believe I just typed that, their body doesn’t magically become the possession of the person picking them up.

I’d call these mothers dim, but that light bulb burned out a long time ago.

Mother Nisha Moodley told Yahoo! Beauty, “I don’t ever want my son to be a sexual perpetrator or the victim of one, and the best thing I can do is honor his choices about his own body.”

You know how you can do the same thing without looking like a moron? Parent the child with values, morals and common sense, and odds are the child will turn out just fine.

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