IOC on Trans Olympic Weightlifter: 'We Have to Pay Tribute to Her Courage and Tenacity'

Nick Kangadis | July 30, 2021
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It’s no wonder why so few people are tuning into this version of the Olympic Games currently taking place in Tokyo. There are many factors that have contributed to the lack of interest, at least in the U.S., towards these Olympic Games, but for some the fact that biological men are competing against real women might just be one of those reasons.

New Zealand “female” weightlifter Laurel Hubbard — the artist formerly known as Gavin Hubbard — is competing against biological females in Tokyo.

Because globalists love to follow cherry-picked science instead of simply taking science into account before making a decision on pretty much everything, a doctor representing the International Olympic Committee (IOC) virtue signaled all over the place ahead of Hubbard’s Olympic debut this coming Monday.

“Everyone agrees that trans women are women,” Dr. Richard Budgett said, according to The Guardian.

Really? Everyone agrees?


Budgett continued and not only made the acknowledgement that Hubbard is a woman, but that people should “pay tribute to her courage and tenacity” for her/his accomplishment of qualify for the Olympic Games.

“There are no IOC rules or regulations around transgender participation. That depends on each international federation,” Budgett said. “So Laurel Hubbard is a woman, is competing under the rules of her federation, and we have to pay tribute to her courage and tenacity in actually competing and qualifying for the games.”

If Hubbard doesn’t end up winning gold in Tokyo, supporters will most likely say, ‘See? She didn’t dominate just because she used to be a man…bigots!’

The fact is that Hubbard took an Olympic spot away from a biological female, and there’s no amount of surgery or hormone therapy that can change that.