Iowa School District Reviews 374 Books Flagged For Inappropriate Content

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 4, 2023
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Hooray! It looks like Iowa is actually starting to care about its children!

A new law in Iowa, signed by Governor Kim Reynolds (R-Iowa), prohibits public schools from buying and making accessible to students books that depict sexual acts or contain indoctrinating policies. The law also prohibits teachers from teaching on gender identity or sexual orientation to students younger than 7th grade, Fox News Digital reported

This is a great step in the right direction for stopping public schools from indoctrinating and damaging the kids they’re supposed to protect. 

In response to the new rule, the Urbandale Community School district (UCSD) in Des Moines is set to review close to 400 different books to figure out whether they violate the new law. Among those books is, of course, the now viral title, “Gender Queer,” a graphic novel which, in detail and with drawings, depicts oral and anal sex as well as masturbation. Another book, “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” is a memoir for “young queer men of color.”

UCSD spokeswoman Dena Claire told Fox News Digital that the list of 374 books isn’t “all-inclusive” and that the titles may not even be in any of the district's schools. However, "the curation of the list began with a review of quarantined books from other states who had passed similar laws.”

"We did not want to put our teachers in a position where they had to guess as to what may or may not be acceptable," she explained, adding, “We had to take a fairly broad interpretation of the law knowing that if our interpretation was too finite, our teachers and administrators could be faced with disciplinary actions according to the new law."

The law comes at a time when sexually explicit books and themes are running rampant in schools and kids are becoming the target of radical LGBTQ indoctrination. As a matter of fact, the National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest teacher's union, indicated in July that “Gender Queer” and another book called “White Fragility” were among the union’s selected suggestions for educators to read to prepare for the 2023-24 school year. 

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Back in November, a Utah mother stood in front of her local school board and read from books that were available in the school district, including one excerpt that read, “I heard her open a crinkly little package and felt her put the cool plasticy middle of the condom snugly on the front of my d**k like she was shrink wrapping it and felt her fingernails through the plastic like legs of a crab finger nailing their way down my d**k. And she froze up a little and adjusted her panties and breathed harder and she opened her mouth and breathed again.”

All that to say, some of the books available in public schools today are completely and utterly disturbing. It’s a good thing that Iowa is re-examining what content should and should not be included or accessible in schools. Hopefully more districts adopt a concerned attitude and work to combat indoctrination in classrooms, too.