Ironic: NEA Head Claims Trump Is Pushing US Towards 'Authoritarianism and Despotism'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 9, 2019
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The bureaucratic idiocracy of contemporary American collectivism is so out of touch, it’s come to this. The President of the biggest labor union in the United States, the organization with lobbyists in every state and control over vast swaths of the content seen and heard by the majority of American kids… the organization that feeds off taxpayer cash regardless of whether the citizens are pleased, that fights tooth-and-nail to stop kids from escaping its propagandistic collectivist monoliths… This organization’s head actually claims that President Trump is “pushing” the US towards “authoritarianism and despotism.”

As Brietbart’s Dr. Susan Berry writes, Lily Eskelson Garcia, President of The National Educational Association, offered these words of wisdom at their “Representative Assembly” in Houston, on July 4:

‘Donald Trump is pushing our beautiful, imperfect nation towards something that would break the hearts of our Founding Fathers and mothers, towards authoritarianism, towards despotism… In the history of history, wherever authoritarian, anti-democratic despots took over, they had a common strategy. It’s about who you oppress, who you scapegoat, and the institutions you corrupt.’

Despite Garcia’s inability to distinguish the subject pronoun, “who”, from the object pronoun, “whom”, she got lots of applause.

And despite her intimate work within the fields of educational authoritarianism and despotism, fields that, as Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld explained in his in-depth book, “NEA: Trojan Horse of American Education”, helped centralize and dumb-down American education generation after generation, she wants to make sure folks know that Donald Trump is leading the US towards an authoritarian despotism.

Garcia also promoted teachers unions’ “Red for Ed” “efforts” across the country, efforts promoting socialist agendas tied to government-run education. And she added:

The moral arc of the universe needs us now to put our backs into Education Justice.

Another tedious use of the term “justice” that, it seems, knuckle-dragging rhetoricians must think is powerful and hip and full of energizing fuel to depict as “just” their attempts to further centralize and politicize what should be individual choices and values, and depict as “unjust” those who don’t conform to their collectivist mentality and agenda.

For the NEA has long been in favor of political authority telling people what to pay, and how much, to the school systems it has bullied and barbed for decades. Since Trump and his Education Secretary spoke in favor of allowing for more choice in charter schools and decreasing federal controls over education, the NEA has gone apoplectic.

To them, it seems justice is whatever they say it is.

And it seems that it is them having more power over kids’ lives and taxpayers wallets than ever.

What a surprise.