IRONY: Black Women Arrested For Vandalizing 'Black Lives Matter' Mural

Brittany M. Hughes | July 20, 2020
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Apparently, black lives matter…but vandalism doesn’t. Except that apparently, that depends on who’s doing the vandalism, and what they’re vandalizing.

For example, if you’re an Antifa terrorist in Portland, Oregon, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to desecrate a federal courthouse while threatening physical assault on federal officers inside, then attempt to barricade the door and burn the building down with people inside while using an American flag as kindling.

That’s OK.

But if you’re a black woman fed up with Black Lives Matter antics, and you decide to demonstrate your disgust by defacing a “Black Lives Matter” sign painted on a street, you can be arrested. Funny how that works.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened to Staten Island natives Bevelyn Beatty, 29, and Edmee Chavan, 39, after they repeatedly vandalized a “Black Lives Matter” mural that had been painted at the order of city officials outside Trump Tower to troll the president. The women were arrested and charged with criminal mischief after police say they spread black paint over the street sign, causing an officer to slip and hurt his arm and head.

Multiple cell phone videos taken at the scene show one woman wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with several messages, including "#JesusMatters," dumping black paint from a can onto the mural while multiple officers attempt to stop her.

Two unidentified women were later seen throwing black paint onto a similar Black Lives Matter mural in Harlem, then on the one in Brooklyn in two separate incidents late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. Police say they’re looking into whether the same women are responsible for all three cases.

Of course, nothing close to the same level of concern is being shown toward the dozens of memorials and monuments – statues ranging from Confederate generals to American Revolution figureheads to abolitionists to Gandhi – that have been repeatedly defaced and destroyed by vandals over the past two months. Seattle has been embroiled in unrest that has left multiple buildings burned and several people dead after rioters overtook several entire city blocks, while Portland continues to suffer under nightly violence and brutality spurred by leftwing protesters and Antifa terrorists.

But sure, New York. Arrest the black women for vandalism.