‘From Islam to Christ’ Author: Jesus and Allah ‘Are Not Compatible with Each Other’

Mark Judge | November 10, 2017

A new memoir written by a convert from Islam to Christianity makes a startling, yet obvious, point: Jesus and Allah are two completely different figures with incompatible philosophies. 

Put another way: Christianity and Islam, at their deepest cores, could not be more different.

In “From Islam to Christ: One Woman’s Path Through the Riddles of God,” Derya Little tells her remarkable life story. Little (a pseudonym to protect her identity) was raised in Turkey, a country that, while nominally a secular democracy, has a culture that strongly coerces citizens to be Muslim. “You were not supposed to be too Muslim,” Little tells MRCTV, “but you were not supposed to be anything else either.” 

After being raised Islam, Little’s faith evaporated when her parents separated. A self-described book nerd, she started reading writers like Jules Verne, John Steinbeck and Fodor Dostoyevsky. Then a friend introduced her to the book “This is Religion: God and the Quran” by Turan Dursun. The book, Little writes, “begins by explaining Muhammad’s sexual deviancy and how new verses supposedly sent by Allah happened to accommodate his sexual whims.”

“It was the first time I see Mohammed for who he was,” Little tells MRCTV. “Growing up, he was still considered the perfect man. You could never question him. This is a man who loved women, who loved power, who loved money, and now that he has followers who believe that he received revelations from God, he has everything he needs to get whatever he wants. It was the first time I saw that this was just a mortal man. It was eye-opening for me. There was nothing in this man’s life that I want to emulate.”

Little was still an atheist when she went to work as a Turkish tutor for an American woman who was an evangelical Christian. “I still remember the first thing I saw on her table was a Bible first. I felt sorry for her. I thought I need to help this woman, I need to show her the light - I’m 19, clearly I know everything.”

As it turned out. Teresa wound up converting Little. “She showed me that there is a God and he is different than Allah. He is not the same God I was taught about growing up - that he is a consistent, loving, caring, all good God. She was very patient and wonderful.”

Little eventually came to America. She is now a Catholic, and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and four children.

Little doesn’t even try to square the circle of joining Islam and Christianity, which she believes are too fundamentally different.  “In Islam sin is sin because Allah says its so, it’s not because it’s evil or contrary to our nature that it’s sin. Allah is not consistent, he can change his mind, murder can be good today or bad tomorrow - you just don’t know.  Therefore there’s no room for science because there’s no rational consistency.”  

“It’s such a different view of God,” she continues. “I think that that is one of the biggest hurdles of Muslims becoming Christian. Because if God isn’t rational or loving, there’s no need  for Christ, there’s no need for incarnation for the crucifixion. That’s why I think we need to make it clear these are two different Gods…they are not compatible with each other."


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