Italy's Election of Conservative PM Represents MASSIVE Rejection of EU Meddling

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 27, 2022
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Left-wing EU technocrats and their media supporters appear to be reeling after Italians turned out in massive numbers to elect a conservative coalition to Parliament, and to see Giorgia Meloni become the Prime Minister.

The differences between the globalist EU politicians and the populist Meloni could not be starker, and the victory hints at a growing populist, anti-globalist movement not only in Italy, but around the world.

Try as they might, the big-government, bureaucratic elites of Brussels and western pop media could not make their accusations of "fascist" stick to this 45-year-old lady who, like so many in Italy, has had enough of outside banking and regulatory command-and-control.

But it took a long time for the reality to hit the globalists. Even last week, as hundreds of thousands attended rallies in Rome to support the shift towards nationalism and conservatism in the Italian Parliament and the candidacy of Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) Party leader Giorgia Meloni to become the Prime Minister, collectivist European Commission (EU) President Ursula Von der Leyen displayed the sneer and arrogance of a schoolyard bully, implying not only that Italy would suffer consequences in the EU, but that she and others might work to undermine the election.

And, despite Von der Leyen’s statements, and the fact that she was in the U.S. Thursday when she spouted them, President Joe Biden has offered no critical response to this simultaneous threat against Italian voters and implication of international regime change.

As Chris Tomlinson reported at the time, for Breitbart:

“President Von der Leyen spoke on Thursday on a trip to the United States just days ahead of Italy’s national election on Sunday, saying: ‘My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we’re working together,’ but added: ‘If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools.’”

By “Hungary and Poland,” this EU threat-monger refers to the European Commission in February targeting the relatively conservative Hungarian government for not siding with the EU to impose crippling energy and other sanctions against Russian exports and against their own consumers, and, on the opposite side of the lever, the obsequious Polish response to EU pressure to break ties with Russian energy interests.

Inspiring multitudes to rise against artificial money-pumping, bureaucratic largess, wokeness, internationalism, climate alarmism, and economy-crushing taxes, Meloni has helped form a popular center-right coalition of Brothers of Italy (FdI), Matteo Salvini’s “League,” and Silvio Berlusconi’s “Forza Italia,” and internationalists like Von der Leyen and many in the dinosaur pop media don’t like it.

But, as Tomlinson reports, Salvini responded with verbal fire to the EU threat:

“League leader Matteo Salvini reacted with anger to the statement, saying the statement sounded like a threat: ‘These are disgusting words, the threatening tone is unacceptable,’ he said, accusing the EU Commission chief of making an attempt to influence or even blackmail Italian voters, Il Giornale reports.

‘Our (EU) parliamentary group will present a motion of censure. On Sunday, Italians vote, not the Brussels bureaucrats, if I were the President of the EU Commission I would worry about the [energy] bills,’ Salvini added, going on to say such statements should lead to a resignation or an immediate apology.”

But, why would Von der Leyen worry? Based on prior history, the EU – and, in particular, its cronyist, globalist, inflationary European Central Bank (ECB) -- already has wielded such power in the Mediterranean that it has been a major player in installing ECB autocrats as national leaders.

Using “bailout cash” for hyper-inflation-ill Greece as leverage in 2011, the ECB installed crony former European Central Bank Vice President Lucas Papademos to be the Greek Prime Minister, and in February of 2021 the EU pushed insertion of former governor of the Bank of Italy and former president of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi to the post of Prime Minister that now could go to Meloni.

Since then, as EU-oriented politicians exploded prices, locked-down businesses, and attempted to strengthen the ties to internationalism, openness to politically-targeted refugee shifts, business-hampering and propagandistic climate edicts, and wokeness, millions of Italians have become energized to fight back, and, on many of those issues, Meloni represents their positions.

This isn’t a point lost on the American pop media, who, of course, depict Meloni and her party as “neofascist” without actually defining it, but by implying that even simply having conservative principles is now “neofascist."

For example, CNBC’s Matt Clinch and Holly Ellyat claim:

“Brothers of Italy has chimed with sections of the public who are concerned about immigration (Italy is the destination for many migrant boats crossing the Mediterranean), the country’s relationship with the EU and the economy.”

And they add:

“In terms of policy, Brothers of Italy has often been described as ‘neo-fascist’ or ‘post-fascist,’ its policies echoing the nationalist, nativist and anti-immigration stance of Italy’s fascist era. For her part, however, Meloni claims to have rid the party of fascist elements, saying in the summer that Italy’s right-wing had ‘handed fascism over to history for decades now.’

Still, its policies are socially conservative to say the least, with the party opposing gay marriage and promoting traditional ‘family values,’ with Meloni saying in 2019 that her mission was to defend ‘God, homeland and family.’”

Curiously, especially for reporters handling a story on Italy, which literally is the place where fascism began, they don’t offer any definition or even a descriptive phrase about real fascism.

The term “fascism” stems from Latin, stands for a bundle of rods or “fasces” and, as Arnold Beichman wrote in 2000 for the Hoover Institution, the rods were:

“…carried by judicial officers in Roman processions as an emblem of authority. (Hitler, of course, had his own emblem — the swastika — and his followers referred to themselves as Nazis, short for National Socialism.)”

You’ll see fasces all over Washington, D.C. Just stop by the Lincoln Memorial, or walk into the Capitol Building when the tax-eating government allows you.

And it was in 1925, when Benito Mussolini became dictator of Italy, that he employed the “fasces” to represent the official policy and party ideology of his leadership: the rods, separate, are not as resistant to snapping as the rods brought together.

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The policy, strictly speaking, stands for the nominal (in name only) private ownership of businesses that actually are commanded, steered, run, punished, or assisted, through government commands, central banking, and payoffs.

It is a form of forced political collectivism. A form most Americans might understand, because they live under a variation of it, and have, at least, since Washington marched on the so-called “whiskey rebels” in 1790.

So, it’s not really appropriate to term someone a “neofascist” because she wants Italy to be freer from the edicts of the EU or because she favors traditional families.

Her party has contained members who, when talking about nationalism, have stated “we are heirs of Il Duce (Mussolini)” but this reference and others appear to be tenuous links that have less to do with actual fascism than they have to do with breaking away from the EU to stand for Italian culture. As Meloni recently told the Washington Post:

“There’s a leftist ideology, so-called globalist, that aims to consider as an enemy everything that defined you—everything that has shaped your identity and your civilization.”

And that description appears to fit Van der Leyen and her EU internationalists very well.

Admittedly, Meloni’s positions are not entirely welcoming to free markets and real liberty. For example, she advocates for the Italian government to subsidize people having children, and she and her party want to spend tax money promoting Italian-made products and Italian-provided services.

Certainly, that latter could be termed “fascism,” but not in the way the large-scale, contemporary fascists at the EU would like to portray “fascism.”

Instead, the EU technocrats like Van der Leyen portray as “fascism” the admiration for regional culture, smaller centers of political control, smaller bureaucracies, and autonomy from world-government authority.

This, coming from a woman whose leviathan government has tried, through its and the UN’sCodex Alimentarius,” to force every person in the EU to only buy SEEDS that the world government allows them to buy.

This coming from a woman whose European government gang wants to tell car companies that they cannot sell gas-powered or Diesel-powered vehicles after 2035.

Yes. Van der Leyen and the leftist pals are worried about a lady opposed to globalism and its fascist claims to power might take the head slot in Italy. And, as the election neared Van der Leyen offered veiled threats that she might repeat previous EU acts of international meddling in national affairs.

For some reason, this EU “leader” doesn’t comprehend the steely, cruel face of dark, ironic, history staring her in the face, even as the voters in Italy recognize her threats for the authoritarian medding it seems to be.

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