‘It’s Totally Crazy’: TSA Accepts Criminal Warrants as ID for Illegals Boarding Flights

Eric Scheiner | January 20, 2022
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Rep. Lance Gooden, (R-Texas) says his office sent a letter to the TSA on whether the agency was allowing 'unknown migrants' to board commercial airlines in the U.S. without ID. The TSA answered in the affirmative.

“That's right, it's totally crazy,” Gooden told Fox News Thursday. “They actually put that in writing to my office this week. The TSA did, because we asked them - we'd heard these stories about illegals with no ID walking through airport security, boarding flights. Potential severe criminals flying with the American public and TSA confirmed that  - that all they need is an arrest warrant to get past security.”

TSA Administrator David Pekoske responded to Gooden explaining that certain Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents may be considered acceptable alternate forms of identification, including a 'Warrant for Arrest of Alien' and a 'Warrant of Removal/Deportation.'  


“It tells me that all I need to do is wear a mask and commit a crime, and I can board a plane in the United States of America,” Gooden told Fox News.

On a related note, the federal government is insisting American citizens have a REAL ID-compliant document to pass through airport security by May 2023. An arrest warrant just isn't good enough to get you a seat.

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