Jankowicz Implies Federal 'Ministry of Truth' Could Have Stopped Uvalde Killer

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 31, 2022
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So many asinine and arrogant assumptions, on their way…

All thanks to the Singing Censor, Nina Jankowicz, who recently left the immoral, constitution-defying Department of Homeland Security’s immoral and constitution-defying creation euphemistically called the “Disinformation Governance Board.”

During a worshipful May 26 interview offered by NPR’s Terry Gross, for which Gross offered unsubstantiated claims that Jankowicz was “targeted” by “disinformation” and “harassment” from “the right” and that she was “blitzed” with “threats” on social media, Jankowicz tried to gloss over the fact that the agency would define what was “true,” target and label those it found straying from the “truth,” and use our tax cash to do these, all contrary to the First Amendment.

It was, as she said, “much more anodyne.” You see, they were only to “advise” the DHS on what was disinformation. She defends the totally immoral construct by claiming the Ministry has no authority to shut down speech.

Of course not. The point is that they have the power (the Disinformation Governance Board still exists, now under the control of shifty former George H. Bush “Homeland Security Tsar” Michael Chertoff) to target statements, label them “wrongspeak,” and pass that blackball-info to the DHS.

It would be the DHS which then could use additional tax money to directly target said “wrongspeakers” in multitudinous ways, including (given the precedents of the Obama Administration attempting to use the Espionage Act against journalists and attempting to use the IRS to target conservative journalists) legal-statutory means, “regulatory” attacks on internet providers, FCC attacks (Janowicz openly favored the return of the speech-freezing and unconstitutional “Fairness Doctrine” to radio and application of it to online news and opinion platforms), and propagandistic means.

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And her narrative on NPR wasn’t solely focused to downplaying the clear reality of the Ministry and the unctuous implication that this all is just an average, normal day in the life of Uncle Sam – or Big Brother/Big Sister. Jankowicz and NPR were eager to portray this politically-mandated truth machine as essential for the safety of America.

You see, despite no evidence to back her up – and even though “law enforcement” personnel were aware of the alleged shooter at Uvalde – Jankowicz tied her car to the “disinformation inspired the shootings” blasphemy and chugged on down the tracks, saying:

Disinformation plays a role in radicalizing people to violence. You know, we’re seeing continued mass shootings here, in the United States, and in many of those cases (she does not specify any one of them) violent extremism is begotten by things people see on the internet. So that’s the sort of thing we would be looking to (pause) address.


This coming from a woman employed by an administration that just lobbied for and got the legislature to let it take nearly $40 BILLION in our (and our kids’) earnings and send it to Ukraine in the form of payoffs, tactical warfare advice, and military hardware?

This coming from a woman employed by an administration the Attorney General of which was caught working with a leftist education cabal to portray as “potential domestic terror threats” concerned parents who attend local school board meetings?

This coming from a woman employed by an administration that has at its disposal not only funds for NPR’s government-pushing budget, but the resurrected vampire of the Portman-Murphy “Countering Foreign Propaganda Act” office, which can spend $150 million on US media outlets that it deems to be “good messengers” of the government uniparty line?

Does Jankowicz, and do the hacks at NPR, think Americans are so foolish that they will believe these fantastical platitudes and snide, narrative-fitting insinuations – from a woman who literally told people that they shouldn’t believe reports claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Hunter Biden's, and that it containing all kinds of ugly info?

Perhaps Ms. Jankowicz has forgotten that these sorts of bald-faced lies, this seizure of taxpayer cash, these poisonous government propaganda outlets, and this gaslighting all are forms of aggression.

Mendacious as she is, she can’t keep lying forever. But she will spout her idiocy on any friendly press arm she can.

Because most of those friendly press arms have attached themselves, either ideologically or monetarily, or both, to the federal government. And for them, it’s better that you be told what is true, told that the process of telling you can “save lives,” and told that taking your money to push the propaganda is “for your own good.”

As I have written for MRCTV, those who thought that the Ministry of Truth was new were mistaken. The U.S. already has numerous “ministries.”

And NPR is one of them.

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