Jason Aldean Quietly Scrubs ‘Try That In a Small Town’ Music Video of BLM Footage

Brittany M. Hughes | July 28, 2023
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Country singer Jason Aldean appears to have quietly edited the music video for his new hit single “Try That In a Small Town” after the song sparked leftist outrage for being “racist” and “violent.”

According to TMZ, who first caught the change, the updated version of the music video omits footage of Black Lives Matter riots shot back in 2020, which had been overlayed with Aldean’s lyrics condemning violent protests, assaults on police, and rampant crime that’s taken over American cities. Leftwing critics, who seemed perfectly at ease with Black Lives Matter rioters torching cities across America for half of 2020, took issue with Aldean for supposedly inciting violence against Black people and glorifying guns.

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Awfully rich coming from the pro-looting brigade that appeared fine with BLM thugs leaving the bloody bodies of elderly people and innocent children in the streets.

But while Aldean has maintained a strong stance from the stage, denying allegations of racism and telling fans at a recent concert that he will “do anything” to protect his family and his country from the “bullshit” that’s being pushed today, he - or, at the very least, his production team - appear to have at least partly caved to the woke mob by removing Black Lives Matter riot footage to avoid accusations of racism and targeting. While the lyrics themselves remain unchanged and still pointedly criticize attacks on police officers and crime while promoting the use of self-defense, the imagery in the video itself no longer make specific references to real events.

The only problem?

We all still know who the offenders are.

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