Jeremy’s Razors’ Founder on Harry’s Transgender Promo: ‘It’s Like They Want to Make Me Rich’

Craig Bannister | August 8, 2023
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“It’s like they want to make me rich… (That’s the most charitable read),” Jeremy’s Razors Founder and Daily Wire Co-CEO Jeremy Boreing tweeted Sunday, reacting to a viral video of a transgender man (biological woman) promoting Harry’s razor’s transgender shaving products.

As MRCTV reported, the newly-surfaced video features a “man” named Luke Pearson promoting one of Harry’s “Face & Body Shave Sets.” The set includes a Harry’s razor for a man's face and a razor from Harry's women's company, Flamingo, for customers to shave their bodies. 

Fully 100% of the profits from Harry’s “Shave with Pride” products are donated to the Trevor Project, a LGBTQ group that promotes gender transition surgeries for minors. 

“Yes, we own the domain If you don’t know why, then you haven’t seen the greatest commercial of all time. Enjoy,” @JeremysRazors tweeted Sunday, introducing a satirical video of Boreing touting his Jeremy’s Razors products.



Boreing, who has had success providing non-woke products to compete with companies that have become liberal activists, launched Jeremy’s Razors last year in response to an announcement by Harry’s Razors that it had pulled its advertising from The Daily Wire, because a host had espoused traditional views on gender.

After only a week in business, Jeremy’s Razors had sold 45,000 razor subscriptions and its social media ads had been viewed more than 15 million times.

Boreing was also quick to cash in on a sweet market opportunity created by a Hershey’s International Women’s Day campaign celebrating a biological male, who identifies as a woman.

It took less than a week for “Jeremy’s Chocolate” to sell more than a half-million chocolate bars, as Americans ate up the chance to rebuke Hershey’s attempt to pervert the definition of “womanhood.”

“There's a reason we started Because you shouldn't give your money to companies that glorify mutilation and sterilization. #GoWokeGoBroke,” Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro tweeted Sunday.