Jim Boeheim: Carrier Dome Mask Mandate Is 'Crazy'

John Simmons | February 23, 2022
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Syracuse University still has not gotten the memo that masks and COVID screening do not work to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Syracuse still requires that fans who enter the iconic Carrier Dome show a vaccine card or negative COVID test to enter, and while they are watching games, they must wear a mask (what would you expect from a left-leaning institution in New York?). Apparently, the idiotic and unnecessary mandate caught the attention of legendary men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim, who called the requirement “crazy.”

“Hopefully we can be like the rest of the country and come in here without masks Saturday. But I guess we just can’t do that,” Boeheim said. “The whole country, all the students here wear masks to class then they go downtown, they go down to party and have no masks. There’s 400 people in a party. It’s crazy.”

Boeheim was referring to Saturday’s matchup against archrival Duke, which will likely draw a monstrous crowd. But as Boeheim pointed out, COVID only seems to be a problem once you go inside the carrier dome.

While universities obviously have the right to choose how they will implement COVID mandates to “protect” the public, at some point you really begin to question the reasoning capabilities of those making the rules. 

If students can throw ragers and travel all around Syracuse without masks and live their lives normally, then why in the world would the university hold onto this charade of protection within one specific building on campus? What is it about the Carrier dome that makes it such a hotbed for a potential COVID outbreak, other than the amount of people that come? Sure, it increases the chances that someone might get COVID, but that does not mean hundreds of people will get sick and die if they watch a basketball game without wearing a mask.

It’s time to embrace the fact that fear should not dominate our lives anymore, and that we can do away with the mask mandates.