JK Rowling Blasts Journalist For Falsely Claiming a Women's Rights Event Led a 'Nazi Salute'

Emma Campbell | May 31, 2023
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Author J.K. Rowling blasted British journalist Patrick Strudwick for claiming a feminist led a Nazi salute at a recent "anti-trans" rally - a claim that's demonstrably false.

In the article, which delivers a scathing opinion on Channel 4’s new "Gender Wars" documentary, Strudwick called back to a March event for "Let Women Speak," a public gathering hosted by Kellie-Jay Keen of Standing for Women and which works to make sure that the word “woman” is reserved for referring to “adult human females” in order to protect the rights of women.

In the article, Strudwisk blatantly alleged that Keen “staged a mass Nazi salute” at the “anti-trans rally,” a claim that was easily proven untrue, and which caught the attention of the "Harry Potter" creator.

“This is a lie so brazen, so easily disprovable and so libellous [sic], I’m amazed it was allowed into print by a supposedly reputable news source,” Rowling tweeted. 

The bestselling author went on to criticize Strudwick for playing into “the escalating threats and violence of trans activists” with his comments and asserted that the terms “fascists” and “Nazis” have been co-opted by trans activists to use against people that hold beliefs that “up until five minutes ago, were solidly left-wing/feminist political positions.”

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“Nobody but useful idiots can be genuinely surprised that REAL fascists have spotted a glorious opportunity in trans activism,” Rowling said, adding that “the incoherent arguments of the gender ideologues, the bullying tactics of the no-platformers and the swarms of masked men threatening violence against women for wanting to retain single-sex spaces” on the left offers the real fascists the perfect place to peddle their harmful ideology."

“Actual Nazis have turned up on the fringes of Let Women Speak events for exactly the same reason aggressive, narcissistic trans activists are there…Both are rife with misogynistic opportunists who’re using a clash of rights to push their own agendas, both are there in the hope of violence, and neither gives a damn about the women who’re there to speak out in their own voices, about their own lives, on their own behalf,” she went on.

Strudwick's article has been edited since Rowling’s tweet, and no longer includes the untrue claim.

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