Joe Biden Claims 'Very Existence Of Our Planet' Is Endangered Unless Feds Impose MORE Economically Disastrous Climate Mandates

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 29, 2020
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Just when one thought the level of Biden hyperbole had reached its max, when his plagiaristic deceptions and his deflections and dodges -- all so easily excused by pop media -- had filled one’s head from ear to ear, the former VP takes it to another absurd level, joining the charlatan Al Gore on the apocalyptic Climate Crisis train.

And, as Tom Elliot tweeted on December 28th, his hyperbolic nonsense is just as hyper and nonsensical as Gore’s was when he began pushing his “Inconvenient” untruth.

Elliot grabbed a video capture of Smokin’ Joe on CNN, complete with bobble-head nodding Kamala Harris, telling people that the U.S. population accounted for 15 percent of the so-called “climate change emissions” and that: 

Without (a) clear, coordinated, and committed approach from the other 85 percent of the carbon emitters, the world will continue to warm, storms will continue to worsen, climate change will continue to threaten the lives and livelihoods, public health, and economics of our existence, and our -- literally -- the very existence of our planet.

Well, how very end-of-the-worldish, Joe. Thank you for putting things into needlessly alarmist language, language based on such deeply flawed assumptions that it’s necessary for sane people who believe in the scientific method, natural rights, the proper definition of words, and the proper operation of the feds under their US Constitution to get a few things straight.

First, the assumption that the globe is alarmingly warming has been exposed as unfounded. As Marc Marano showed in 2018, satellite climate data shows that between 1995 and 2013, there was NO measurably significant global warming, which is why early climate alarmists switched from using that term to the more malleable “Climate Change”, so that ANY change, up, or down, and even a NON-CHANGE, could be attributed to anthropogenic causes. This, despite the fact that the climate doomsayers have been shown to have not taken into account the loss of relatively cooler temps when the Soviet Union fell and, for many years, Siberian temp readers no longer supplied their relatively cooler temps, despite the fact that ClimateGate exposed UN “International Panel on Climate Change” scientists at the University of East Anglia in England communicating with each other to engage in what appears to be data manipulation to make up a warming narrative. This despite the fact that the book “Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years” noted long ago, the factor that seems most closely correlated with the Earth’s climate is solar activity.

How about the fact that Al Gore’s disastrously mislabeled “documentary” “An Inconvenient Truth” was put on trial in a UK court because concerned parents were sick of the government schools pushing it’s falsehoods on their kids, and, indeed, the court ruled that the film was so far from being a documentary that it was akin to propaganda and that if schools were to show it, they had to offer kids a disclaimer and information about all the false info in it?

Or, how about the very premise of the anthropogenic climate change mess, that being the idea that man-made carbon emissions (and, by the way, the US economy is built to reward business that find ways to conserve, rather than waste fuel, and they’ve been leading the way in decreasing carbon emissions for years) -- or carbon dioxide itself -- drive up temperatures here on Earth the way they do in a completely different planetary environment like Venus?

This is what is at the heart of Biden’s blundering bluster about the end of the planet, and it was belied by Gore himself, who stood before his own graph and did two things.

First, he didn’t show people that before the start of his graph, the Earth had been much warmer, which is where the term Medieval Warming Period comes from, and why Vikings could grow crops in Iceland during much of the Dark Ages.

Second, Gore’s graph contains two lines, and Gore offers them to the audience while letting them assume that a rise in CO2 leads to a rise in temperatures some years later.

But there stood Gore, before the graph, never telling people that the first line that rises is NOT CO2, but global temperature, and CO2 rises later -- decades later.

So, like the Farside cartoon child pushing the “pull” door on the “school for the gifted”, Gore stood before the very thing that exposed him for a buffoonish deceiver, parading it and his own lack of any scientific awareness.

Biden does the same, and it’s troubling that pop media like CNN don’t call him to task for it.