Joe Biden's Thursday Speech Finale May Have Been the Most Awkward One Yet

Brittany M. Hughes | September 1, 2022
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You know that moment when you’re, I don’t know, cooking or something, and then suddenly you remember that you left a thing upstairs that is absolutely vital to your existence, so you immediately run up the stairs, only to get to the room - literally about four seconds later - and realize you completely forgot what you walked in there for?

That’s Joe Biden’s life. Every moment.

Unfortunately for his public image, it’s also his life every time he ends a speech, even when he’s still in full view of the camera.

After rambling unpoetic for an uncomfortable while about the strength of the American economy (P.S., it’s not) and the incalculable evils of MAGA Republicans before finally getting heckled by a fed-up dude in the back of the room, the President of the United States appeared to forget where he was or how he was supposed to get off the stage at the end of his diatribe. He then tried to bridge the gap by shaking hands with the air, half-saluting someone, and then just sort of...well...wandering around.

Thankfully, someone had the presence of mind to send his wife, Jill, up the steps to fetch him – which she did…after he awkwardly tried to shake her hand.

It was weird.


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