Joe Rogan Calls Justin Trudeau a 'Creepy F**king Dictator' for Treatment of 'Freedom Convoy'

Nick Kangadis | May 16, 2022
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Should it be controversial to call a perceived dictator a “dictator?” Apparently, if you’re a leftist you’ll support just about anyone who will give you free stuff as long as you’re a compliant little sheep.

While hosting Gad Saad, professor of Marketing at Concordia University, on a recent edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Joe Rogan had some choice words for authoritarian Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It used to be that Canada was high [in rate of taxation], but crime was lower than the United States, people were friendlier. It seems like a great system because you have socialized medicine, you have — you know — some sort of a health care system up there. Although, there’s a lot of complaints about that as well. Your education system, it seems like it’s more accessible to people to go to college and things like that. So you’re contributing into this pile, which is fine.

But then, when you have a creepy f**king dictator for a prime minister, and that’s what [Trudeau is. The way he behaves. The way he behaved during this thing [Freedom Convoy] in just the disingenuous way that he communicated, it freaked me out cause I never thought that guy was like that.

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Saad pointed out that he remembered Rogan wasn’t always so down on Trudeau, but what he did to the Canadian people who were peacefully protesting was disgusting and beneath who people would consider to be a good and moral leader of a nation.

I thought he was a handsome fella with a good vocabulary and seems like a nice guy. You know, before he really leaned into the woke stuff, I just thought he was a kind, sensitive guy. And I was like, ‘That’s probably a good disposition to be a leader.’ But just the way he labeled those truckers as ‘racists’ for no reason. The people were protesting against mandates. He decided they were ‘misogynists’ and ‘racists.’

“Transphobic,” Saad added.

“But the way he did it,” Rogan continued. “He just cast a pejorative label on them with no evidence, with no provocation. It was just like, ‘I’m going to label them this, so I can impose laws to stop them from doing what is essentially a peaceful protest against something….”

Rogan is 100 percent correct in his assessment of Trudeau, who did everything he could — toeing the line of the law — to prevent people dissenting from his edicts.

Labeling Trudeau what Rogan did might be too nice of a description for a continually divisive “leader.”