Joe Rogan Slams Fauci, Pop Media, For Elitist Double-Standards

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 23, 2021
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Remember when National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) head Anthony Fauci told NBC’s fawning Chuck Todd that, in essence, he was the godhead of the politically-imprinted dog whistle term “science”, saying:

A lot of what you're seeing as attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science, because all of the things that I have spoken about, consistently from the very beginning, have been fundamentally based on science. 

Remember laughing, groaning, scoffing, or reacting in some other way that reflected your disbelief at his egotism and the fact that he actually claimed he was basing anything on “science?” And remember seeing how not only Todd didn’t challenge him on the conceit, but most other pop media members hid the fact that more and more Americans don’t trust Fauci, and didn’t discuss the reasons why we see him as untrustworthy?

Comedian, martial artist, MMA announcer, and podcaster Joe Rogan remembers, and in a recent pod-conversation with MIT engineer Lex Fridman, the two men discussed the important phenomenon, and how it bolsters American skepticism of pop media, lockdowns, mask mandates, mRNA jabs, and rights-restricting jab-passports.

Millions of viewers and listeners caught the viral conversation, and The Blaze’s Paul Sacca wrote on it, as well, noting that Fridman told Rogan:

We have somebody like Fauci, who basically nobody really trusts any more, as being the chief communicator of how we proceed forward. That's a huge problem.

And Rogan replied:

You don't just have the fact that the people don't trust him, but you have the mainstream media ignoring all the things he's done to lead the people not to trust him. 



And Rogan and Fridman offered a detailed roster of those things, as well as their own observations on both Fauci, the idol-worship of centralized so-called “science” as opposed to the decentralized scientific method, and the bulk of sycophantic media coverage.

Starting with Fauci’s public lie and subsequent flip-flopping on the value of masks, the host and guest went on to point out the NIAID head’s tax-funded track record was less than stellar. 

As Sacca observed:

Rogan and Fridman claimed that Fauci wasn't transparent about gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute, which helped intensify the lab-leak theory. Rogan highlighted that Fauci's agency provided grants for bat coronavirus research to EcoHealth Alliance.

As I noted in April, for MRCTV:

Curiously, Fauci hasn’t offered a lot of commentary on this, and the pop media, despite having the information available to them, have assiduously avoided it. Likewise, the popsters also have avoided the fact that, when leftists in DC were attacking anyone who might mention that Hydroxychloroquine might work well with Zinc as a therapeutic to help people suffering from the Wuhan SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, Anthony Fauci’s massive and unconstitutional agency already had funded a 2005 study showing that HCQ had powerful salutary effects on a SARS virus. 

And, as Sacca notes, Rogan and Fridman appear as mystified and indignant about is as many of us are.

Fridman told the audience not to let ‘shady, greedy a**holes at the very top that are communicating science as part of our government be somehow connected to the essence of science.’

And Rogan offered his own, very honest, view:

’There's also a problem with people like him where they make these statements that you're led to believe they have an understanding of the situation ... but then it turns out they're 100% wrong. But then they come up with a new statement and you're supposed to believe that,’ Rogan said. ‘When they don't know, they never say ‘We don't know.’ They don't say, ‘This is very confusing and we're trying to figure it out as we go along.”

Both Rogan and Fridman make excellent points. They could go further to discuss the entirely unconstitutional, immoral framework of the National Institutes of Health, the NIAID, the CDC, the FDA, federal funding of mRNA jabs -- or any jabs, for that matter – and state and local lockdowns and so-called “pandemic emergency public health” commands.

None of them are valid constitutionally or ethically, and if a gang of people in your area told you to abide by any of the funding or personal lifestyle commands, you rightly would be able to call them what they are: criminal threats.

But Rogan offered this as one of his takeaways, which, again, tells the audience he has a keen grasp on the heart of it all. On the subject of so-called “jab passports, he said:

I don't trust the government enough to allow any kind of control of your ability to travel and your whereabouts.

Fauci and his media friends seem to like that control, and likely will continue to dance around truth to increase it over our lives.


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