Browns QB Shoves Ref, But ESPN Doesn't Care - I Wonder Why?

John Simmons | September 19, 2023
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Last night was a bad one for the Cleveland Browns.

In addition to losing to their heated rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns lost star running back Nick Chubb to injury, likely for the rest of the season. On top of all that, quarterback Deshaun Watson got into a brief altercation…with a referee.

Watson was talking trash with the Steelers sideline when a referee tried to separate him. Instead of turning and walking away, Watson tried to shove the referee to the side so he could keep talking.

Browns QB Deshaun Watson Pushes A Referee 😳😳 Somehow This Was NOT An Ejection #DawgPound #HereWeGo #CLEvsPIT

— SportsTalk (@TheSportsTalk0) September 19, 2023

If you ever need a clip to show what poor sportsmanship looks like, look no further than this.

You cannot purposefully try to shove a referee like this, but for some reason Watson didn’t get a flag. Even more surprising than this is the fact that those on the ESPN broadcast didn’t even talk about the incident as it happened; Joe Buck and Troy Aikman acted like nothing happened.

And there hasn’t been one bit of chatter from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith either, who seems to think he’s connoisseur of proper behavior for football players. Last year, he said the media never criticized former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady for yelling at his teammates because he’s white.

“We need to be consistent,” Smith said. “Was Tom Brady passionate? Or was he the angry white guy? … Because if that was somebody else doing what he was doing with his offensive lineman, if that was a black man, we would have been talking about his temper. We would’ve been talking about the fact he might not need to act like that with the cameras rolling.”

So if Brady crossed a line with his teammates (which he may have) and Smith took exception to it, why has he not said anything about Watson, who most definitely crossed a line? Where are his calls to the media to hold Watson accountable for his questionable behavior?

They haven’t come, and they won’t, all because Watson’s skin color makes it impossible for Smith to push the racist narrative he’s obsessed with.

That’s the current state of sports journalism folks, and it’s as ugly as the Browns loss.

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