Dave Portnoy Says He Won't Hire MIT, UPenn, Or Harvard Grads After Schools Refuse To Condemn Antisemitism

John Simmons | December 7, 2023
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If you’re a graduate of Harvard, MIT, or the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) looking for your first job, don’t bother applying to Barstool Sports.

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool, effectively prohibited anyone from these universities from getting a job with his company for the foreseeable future after the presidents of the three schools testified before Congress earlier this week about the rising number - and frequency - of antisemitic chants at their universities.

In October, for example, hundreds of protestors at MIT rallied in support of Palestine, where they repeated the phrase “Intifada,” which is a phrase that calls for “armed and violent Palestinian insurrection targeting Israelis, including civilians, which resulted in the killing of thousands of Israelis in the last few decades," Fox News reports. Similar events have echoed across other campuses throughout the U.S., including multiple instances of Jewish students being harassed and intimidated.

However, all of the presidents - MIT’s Sally Kornbluth, UPenn’s Elizabeth Magil and Harvard’s Claudine Gay - seemed rather unconcerned with the disturbing scenes taking place on their respective campuses. Furthermore, all refused to condemn the antisemitic rhetoric or characterize it as bullying and or harassment, and claimed the chants only violate their schools' policies “depending on the context."

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Here’s a video of Rep. Elise Stafanik (R-NY) questioning Magil and Gay. Both women refused to answer basic questions about how they would respond to the antisemitism at their universities.

In response to this disturbing and disgusting testimony, Portnoy, who is Jewish, said on Instagram he would not hire anyone from these three schools who applied for jobs at Barstool, posting to video showing Kornbluth’s equally disturbing responses to congressional questioning.

“The Deans of 3 supposedly prestigious Universities in the United States somehow refusing to condemn students calling for the Genocide of Jews on campus. AKA – the murder of all Jews," Portnoy’s caption read in part. “Newsflash that is calling for the murder of myself, my parents and my entire family. And these ‘leaders’ refuse to condemn this as hate speech on their campuses?”

“This isn’t debating whether there should be a cease fire or discussing the future of Israel and Palestine in the Middle East,” he continued. “This is calling for the MURDER OF ALL JEWS everywhere and these absolute coward school administrators refuse to condemn it.”

Portnoy acknowledged that his decision might not make much of a difference. But at the very least, he made the right response.

All three of these women should have categorically rejected and condemned the anti-Jew rhetoric on their campuses without trying to minimize it with “nuance” arguments. The fact they couldn’t shows the disturbing depths to which these three universities - once some of the proudest in all of academia - have fallen.

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