Jemele Hill Claims Mass Shootings Prevent Sports From Being Unifying

John Simmons | February 16, 2024

Jemele Hill really hopes that sports can become an avenue by which people will eventually advocate for more gun control.

In an interview with MSNBC, Hill discussed how the mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade on Wednesday could be used to help people see that guns should be heavily restricted. However, she’s not that optimistic.

“Sports is one of the most unifying things that we have in this country. You see a lot of fans that were at the Kansas City Chiefs because that’s what sports does, it’s a natural unifier,” Hill said. “While there’s a part of me that hopes that the sports element can maybe help people see (mass shootings) differently, I guess I’ve seen too much now to the point where I realize that there is no bottom, that there is no low, that we just keep reaching down to excuse what is a massive problem in this country.”

She also mentioned the incident in 2017 in which Steve Scalise got injured after a gunman opened fire on the Republicans who were practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity.

In her mind, gun violence is robbing people of the ability to enjoy sports because of the two shooting incidents she mentioned.

This incident does not prove her claim that our country needs stricter gun laws. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: more gun regulations do not automatically mean that gun violence or crimes will go down or disappear. Just ask the city of Chicago.

Moreover, it is not proof that we can’t enjoy sports because gun crimes like this exist. Without wanting to belittle the tragic nature of what happened in Kansas City, these situations do not rob people of the ability to enjoy sports. Yes, it’s sad, but more often than not, we can love sports entertainment without seeing tragedies inhibit that joy.

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If people become divided over something sports-related, it usually doesn't involve shootings. More often than not, people start getting divisive when sports commentators decide to put a political twist on anything that happens in this aspect of culture.

Hill is one of those people.

In 2021, Hill implied that Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell only got a job coaching that franchise because he’s white. That same year, she said that NFL fans “hate” that there are so many black quarterbacks because they’re racist. During the 2022 NFL season, Hill said that Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams got charged for his violent behavior because he’s black.

She’s made her living off of implying that racism exists everywhere in sports, and doing far more to ruin the unifying nature of sports than the Chiefs parade shooting. At least, she tries to make a living: in 2022, she sold a memoir of her career that barely excited anyone.

If Hill truly wants to protect the unity that sports provides Americans, she’ll stop providing race-baiting commentary on the NFL and other leagues. But don’t hold your breath, that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

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