Male NH HS Track Athlete Testifies Against Bill To Protect Girl's Sports

John Simmons | April 24, 2024

In February, news broke that Maelle Jacques - a biological male - was competing in the girl’s division for the Division II track and field championships in New Hampshire.

He won the high jump event in large part because he had a biological advantage over his competitors, since he’s a man. Since then, Jacques has won other events by wide margins and turned the integrity of women’s sports in The Granite State on its head.

As if that weren’t enough, he’s now complaining to the state legislature that he needs to be allowed to compete in the women’s division for the sake of his mental health.

The House Education Committee of the New Hampshire House of Representatives convened on Monday to discuss Senate Bill 375, which, if passed, would “ban transgender girls from playing on any state-sponsored school girls’ sports team.” Jacques unsurprisingly hates this potential reality, and spoke against it earlier this week.

“Being part of a team allowed me to be seen as normal, where else I could be a Pariah,” Jacques said. “Joining a male team wouldn’t even be a choice for me (because of the) mental anguish I’d go through being forced to be someone I’m not.”

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Within this statement, Jacques permanently encapsulated the upside down logic and selfishness that is ingrained in the transgender worldview.

He argued that being on a sports team is key to help him feel at peace internally. But that doesn’t change the fact that what he’s done is fundamentally abnormal and a denial of reality.

Men cannot become women, or vice versa. It doesn’t matter how many sports teams have affirmed Jacques’ decision, he is still a boy regardless of what he wants to believe.

He seems to have no regard for the mental anguish of young women that lose their place on a team or in the winner's circle to a biological man.

Furthermore, it’s incredibly self-centered and egocentric for him to say that the entire state should forget about trying to keep girl’s sports fair because he wants to live like a girl (even though he is not). You’ve got to be incredibly narcissistic to make that argument to a group of politicians. 

Perhaps he would be more at peace mentally if people would stop affirming going along with his delusions! He is a boy, whether he wants to believe or not. 

Hopefully this gets sorted out soon. There are lots of girls who are suffering real mental anguish because Jacques is unfairly winning girl’s sports events.

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