Marshawn Lynch Heads To Amish 'Intercourse' In Hilarious TNF Segment

John Simmons | September 15, 2023
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What happens when a former NFL star from Oakland, CA who dresses and talks like he’s from the hood decides he wants a tour of an Amish community in Intercourse, PA (disclaimer, I did not come up with the name of the town)?

Comedy, folks, in peak form.

During Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football (TNF) broadcast of the Minnesota Viking and Philadelphia Eagles game, the broadcast displayed a new episode of Lynch’s show “‘N Yo’ City,” where Lynch visits a local town near the city of the home team in the TNF matchup. Philly hosted last night’s game, hence the tour through Amish country.

You could not have picked a more unlikely combination of people.

Everything about Lynch and the Amish was polar opposite, from their ethnicity, how they talk, use of electricity, fashion, upbringing, you name it. But that’s exactly what makes it funny: a black in perhaps one of the whitest regions of Pennsylvania shows up to see what life is like for the Amish.

And Marshawn knows this, yet owns that like a champ. The episode begins with him poking fun at himself for being the only black dude in the town.

Here’s the rest of the clip. Everything else after that will make your sides hurt from laughing so hard.

If anyone thinks the Amish are going to be offended by the remake of Coolio’s “Gangsta Paradise,” don’t be, because they wouldn’t be allowed to watch the episode anyway!

The best part of this whole event was that Lynch did not care about putting on a facade, he shows them who he is unashamedly. That’s a good thing, because the clash of personalities and backgrounds makes for some hilarious content and amazing quotes.

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Here are some of his best:

“You like the OG” - a question he asked the older gentlemen, who clearly doesn’t know what that means.

“Hell naw, that’s what we not doing” - on whether he was ready to milk some cows.

“Y’all Amish people think y’all slick” - when he finds out an LED lamp technically isn’t electricity.

“So there’s hella milk in them cows” - when he finds out how much milk a cow can hold.

But the best part was him when the farmhands said they have to pull on the udders at the same time, to which Lynch said, “How many (bleeping) hands y’all got?”

It’s hilarious that his eyes got so big at that point. They almost got as big as the football he didn’t get on 2nd and Goal in Super Bowl XLIX…too soon, Seahawks fans?

I don’t know if Lynch is ever going to go back to Amish country for a tour, but if he does, there better be a camera crew around to capture every second of it.

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