SC Basketball Star Cardoso Declines To Comment On Dawn Staley's Men In Women's Sports Stance

John Simmons | April 11, 2024
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South Carolina Gamecocks women’s basketball star Kamilla Cardoso dodged a question about her reaction to Coach Dawn Staley’s comments that men should play in women’s sports.

The day before her South Carolina squad won the women’s national title over the Iowa Hawkeyes, Staley answered a question from OutKick’s Dan Zaksheske on whether or not transgendered women (biological men) should be allowed to play in women’s sports. Staley apparently believes that it would be okay if biological men were allowed to play with women, even though it would ruin the sport she’s become a legend in.

After the championship game, Cardoso went to a celebratory event at a Raising Cane’s in South Carolina. Fox News Digital interviewed her via Zoom at the event, and asked her what she made of her coach’s comments.

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Cardoso declined to directly comment, and instead provided an answer that  avoided the issue, "Just enjoy the moment, have fun, just stay together, just have fun," Cardoso said.

Fox News Digital sent a follow-up email after the Zoom call asking for a more direct response to the question, but she declined to do so.

I’m sure the reason she didn’t comment is because Staley and her coaching staff told all players to avoid talking about this subject. They probably didn’t like all of the (justified) call-outs they got on social media for Staley’s comments.

Hopefully Cardoso can recognize the error in her coach’s thinking and realize that allowing men in women’s sports would be a detriment to the sport she’s dedicated her life to. There’s too much evidence that proves transgendered women (biological men) ruin women’s sports wherever they go.

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