UFC Fighter Renato Moicano KO's Leftists With Incredible Pro-America Victory Speech

John Simmons | February 6, 2024
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If the fight for America ever turned into a physical war, I’d want lightweight UFC fighter Renato Moicano on my side.

The Brazilian mixed martial artist won the UFC Vegas 85 in Nevada over the weekend. After defeating American Drew Dober, Moicano spent most of his post fight interview praising the United States for how great of a country it is. Additionally, he stated that once he becomes a U.S. citizen, he wants to take on a new career as a police officer.

“I wanna tell you another thing, I love fucking America, you know?” Moicano said. “I’m not an American… but in two years, I will be an American. And after I am done with fighting, I will serve [as a] police officer. I want to be a SWAT team, and I want to kill the bad guys.”

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That’s a pretty electric way to start an interview. But he continued.

“And people are forgetting about that, people are going crazy. …. I want people to respect the f—ing law; otherwise, this great country is gonna be a third-world country. Something is wrong in America, and I want motherf—ing to fix it right now,” Moicano said.

Thankfully, former UFC fighter Daniel Cormier did not take the mic away from him.

Curse words aside, this is pretty inspiring stuff. In a world full of moral relativism, Moicano had the bravery to say that there is objective truth. Moreover, this serves as a strong wake up call for many Americans who might believe the fight to preserve our country is lost.

But as long as men like Moicano exist, we won’t lose.

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