UFC President Dana White Calls Out Americans for Lack of Patriotism

John Simmons | November 30, 2023
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UFC president Dana White has had enough with this generation’s lack of patriotism. 

Speaking on the “Full Send” podcast, White highlighted how countless Americans claim that the United States is one of the worst countries in the world. Furthermore, he noted that an obscene amount of celebrities have claimed that if certain candidates win the next presidential election, they’ll move out of the country.

On Tuesday, he told those types of people that they should stop complaining about America and instead be grateful for all that it offers, according to Breitbart.


If you look at all the s–t that’s going on in the world right now. If we went to war, there’s no respect for the police anymore. There’s no respect for the military. Our country. Our way of life that we have here. You can sit around and nitpick and talk about things that are wrong with the United States. Let me tell you something. I’m going to tell f—ing your generation, my generation, everybody’s generation. This is it. So, all these f—ing people who are like, ‘Oh God, if President Trump wins I’m leaving the country.’ They all say it. Nobody f—ing does it.

White is 100 percent correct. Progressives try to convince this upcoming generation (rather successfully) that because America has problems, it’s not worth loving and fighting for. That’s one of the biggest lies the left has sold today’s Americans, and he’s had enough of it.

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White has had no trouble speaking his mind in recent weeks…or taking action to back up his words.

During an episode of the “This Past Weekend” podcast with comedian Theo Von, White lambasted Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy for his most recent attempt to virtue signal. McCarthy had asked Von to remove an episode of his podcast from two years ago in which he interviewed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

In response, White said he would remove all Peloton products from his gym.

“Peloton, what do they sell, f—ing… stationary bikes? Peloton sells stationary bikes, and they’ve got a problem with Robert f—ing Kennedy,” White said.“We’re getting rid of the Pelotons. Pelotons are out of the gym.”

The full clip is below. (Fair warning, it’s rather crass.)

Progressives, take warning. If you come after White or anything he disagrees with, prepare to face stern pushback.


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