Jon Stewart Absolutely EVISCERATES The New York Times for Their Rubio Story

Tyler McNally | June 11, 2015
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On Wednesday night's The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart took The New York Times to task over their reporting of Sen. Marco Rubio's (R-Fla.) personal finances and traffic violations.

The Times published an article on Tuesday titled "Marco Rubio's Career Bedeviled by Financial Struggles," accusing the Florida senator of knowingly "splurging" on expenses despite money concerns. 

In their piece, the newspaper criticized Rubio for using portions of money he made from his book An American Son to pay off his law school debts. In response, Stewart said sarcastically,

“You bastard! Paying off law school loans? How dare you. At long last, senator, have you no sense of insolvency?”

The New York Times also pointed out how Rubio bought an $80,000 "luxury speedboat." Except, it wasn't a speedboat or a luxury boat. It was just a deep-sea fishing boat, like the model pictured below:

Image via Politico

Stewart defended Rubio against The Times, which blasted him and his wife Jeanette for having a total of 17 parking tickets over the past 17 years.

“Oh sh—! Marco Rubio got … 4 tickets! In … 17 years! I assume The New York Times obtained this damning information from Marco Rubio’s plaque in the ‘Hall of Best Miami Drivers Ever,’” Stewart cracked.

Rubio only had four tickets. His wife accrued the other 13.

Stewart, probably because he's leaving the The Daily Show soon, went after The Times harder than usual. Unabashedly, he said, 

“What’s The New York Times going to do? Exercise editorial control? No."

"It’s like their motto says: ‘Don’t hate the paper, hate the game,’” said Stewart.

In the end, he called The Times article “inconsequential gossip” that does not belong on the front page of a widely-read news source.

Check out a clip of the segment below.


H/T Politico

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