Journalist Gives $1,000 to 20 East Palestine Homes Since Biden Regime Won't Help

Nick Kangadis | February 21, 2023
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President Joe Biden and his regime would seem to love nothing more than for everyone to just stop talking about the disaster in Ohio in which even Biden’s diversity hire of a transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg hasn’t even visited, despite the tragedy originating because of a transportation incident.

However, Biden has plenty of time to go to Ukraine to assure the man gobbling up hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesnky, that his borders will be protected and his people won’t go without.

American, though? That’s a different story. The Biden regime appears to have forgotten who they serve.

However, some are taking matters into their own hands since our own government has no problem allowing Americans to be poisoned and possibly killed.

Journalist Benny Johnson decided to do a good deed, because our government simply won’t.

Johnson gave an explanation as to what happened to the people of East Palestine, Ohio and how they’ve been forgotten so soon despite the ecological disaster made worse by the supposedly “climate friendly” Biden regime.

Chemicals spilled into the air and into the water and into the soil. These people have to live with that now, forever. Worse yet, the government came along and lit it all on fire, sending a black, toxic plume of smoke directly into the atmosphere. And then they told everyone to go back into their homes, ‘everything’s safe.’ But there’s been no reassurances. And, in order to compensate these people, the railroad responsible has given them five whole dollars. We think that’s wrong.

And so we’re here today, we’ve identified the 20 homes closest to that toxic burn and we’re going to walk up to those homes and we’re going to hand them 1,000 bucks. And we’re going to say, ‘We’re sorry this happened to you. We need the government to come in and save us or help us out. We, the American people, can help each other out. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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Of course, there will be naysayers that say if you truly want to do good deeds, you don’t need to film it. However, as said during the video, the money used to pay the people in the video came from the profit from monetized videos on social media. So without videos like these, helping out wouldn’t be possible.

Way to go, Benny.


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