Joy Reid Claims Women Should Care More About Abortion Than Economy

John Simmons | October 21, 2022
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In today’s edition of Joy Reid saying stupid things, the MSNBC host said that women are being gaslighted into thinking that the failing state of the economy is more important than their rights to abortion access.

Reid noted that ahead of midterm elections, conservatives have a slight lead over progressives, which obviously has a snowflake like herself worried. However, the reason for this polling disparity in her mind is that women are not focusing on issues that really concern them, like abortion (because obviously record inflation numbers don’t affect women).

On Thursday’s edition of The Reid Out, she said:

The midterm election is now less than three weeks away, and in the final stretch, I have noticed and I don’t know if you have noticed, frankly, this gaslighting of women voters. This message that says, you don’t really care about your right to control your own bodies, dears. It’s the economy, stupid.

Republicans certainly want you to think about that and the beltway media is helping push that narrative with headlines touting recent polls some with tiny sample sizes, suggesting Republicans are surging.

(There goes that "beltway media," carrying GOP water again ...)

Gosh, thank you for reminding us Joy! After all, killing innocent lives is far more important than making sure the average American does not get crushed by the financial ruin our country is facing.

Reid thinks taking the focus off abortion will negatively impact women within the greater context of the American economy.

“I mean, this may be news to Republicans and Fox News reporters. But women are part of the economy. Abortion is an economic issue,” Reid said

Ever notice how the only selling point progressives seem to have is abortion? They get voters so scared that they will somehow be cast aside and no longer have any freedoms if their right to kill a baby is taken away.

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