Just Did it! ‘Boys Club’ Nike Sued For Abusing Female Employees 

Jay Maxson | December 21, 2022
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 The Nike brand is all about wokeness, equality and political correctness … right? Maybe not. If the former female employees who filed suit against the Swoosh are telling the truth, then Nike has been run by a bunch of sexist pigs. 

Breitbart blogger Warner Todd Huston’s story reports: 

“A lawsuit filed in Oregon claims that Nike Executives engaged in a culture of abuse against female employees at the company’s Beaverton headquarters while ignoring complaints filed by victims.” 

The New York Post reported that “sloppy drunk” Nike executives preyed upon female subordinates without suffering any negative consequences for their boorish behavior. 

The lawsuit is loaded with examples of how male Nike higher-ups allegedly abused women. It was the prevailing culture, they say. 

One such executive told a subordinate former female employee to “dress sexier,” and he said, “Maybe if you dressed nicer I would be on time. Take that baggy jacket off and show some skin.” She did not report it because he was high-ranking and she knew a complaint would fall on deaf ears. 

Still other women told stories of being constantly pawed by men on company trips. “Work dinners” were scams designed to get the women to bed with needy men. In other words, "Just Do It, girls!"

Yet another claim in the lawsuit calls Nike’s Oregon headquarters a “boys club” in which male executives subjected women to sexual advances, suggestive comments and attempts to lure women into sex. 

“Females at this company have felt very little power to change a culture and environment that has been and continues to be disrespectful to women,” one Nike employee stated. 

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit indicated that reports of assaults and misconduct to human resources went nowhere. Some did not file complaints because they believed Nike’s HR Department would do nothing. “(Employee resources) and HR at this company are a joke,” said one woman. 

“Females at this company have felt very little power to change a culture and environment that has been and continues to be disrespectful to women. Kept it to myself because of who he is at the company.” 

The women’s claims were not limited to a few anecdotes. More than 5,000 women attempted to hit Nike with a class action but, but a judge limited the complaint to its original 14 signers.  

Female Nike employees circulated anonymous surveys in hopes of determining how prevalent the sexism was. Mark Parker, executive chairman of Nike, received the surveys in 2018, and he apologized to abused employees by email. He also shuffled management, and 11 people in leadership left Nike. 

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve become aware of reports occurring within our organization that do not reflect our core values of inclusivity, respect and empowerment,” Parker wrote. 

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This isn’t the first time Nike has been accused of abusing women. Previously, David Scott, of HBO’s Real Sports, aired a segment on Nike’s Oregon Project indicating female distance runners "endured physical torment, mental abuse and a regiment full of experimental and potentially dangerous medication (cocktails of performance-enhancing drugs”). Others said they were fat-shamed by Nike Coach Alberto Salazar. 

As Scott said in that 2021 report, and as the women suing Nike now say, the woke corporation has been attempting to create a false image of promoting and respecting women. 

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