Just One Border Sector: 1K Illegals Apprehended Each Day

Eric Scheiner | April 9, 2019
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“We apprehend more than 1,000 people illegally crossing the border every day, that’s roughly the capacity of 17 commercial buses,” Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch testified before Senate lawmakers on Tuesday.

“We expect these numbers to climb during the summer months,” he said.

Karisch was one of several law enforcement officials testifying before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on security at the Southern Border 

The Rio Grand Valley (RGV) sector consists of only 277 miles of the Southern Border.

“Much media attention has focused on caravans coming across from Central America, but the fact is that RGV is receiving caravan-equivalent numbers every seven days.”

Karisch said his sector has apprehended people from 50 different countries, including China and Egypt.

“People are traveling across hemispheres to attempt to illegally enter the U.S., using the same pathways as the Central Americans. We also encounter known gang members, from some of the most violent gangs on Earth,” he said.