Justice Kavanaugh’s Neighbors Complain They’re Being Harassed by Protestors

Miguel Daez | July 22, 2022
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For two months, pro-abortion activists have been loudly protesting outside Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house. According to The Washington Post (WaPo), Kavanaugh’s neighbors are getting sick of the ruckus and now complain that they themselves are being targeted.

Neighbors say that protestors have begun harassing them by marching around the neighborhood, banging drums, and chanting to passersby "f--- you" and "f--- your children," as reported by Fox News. They’ve even stopped in front of people’s houses and put pressure on residents inside their homes, yelling “Out of your houses and into the streets” to encourage them to advocate for abortion. 

Some residents have confronted the protestors, telling them that they’re disturbing the peace. This was met with even louder chants, including calling the residents “Karen,” insinuating that they are white, uptight, people of privilege. 

“They just call us fascists,” said Lyric Winik, who lives in the same neighborhood as Kavanaugh. “Nothing about this is healthy. We’ve got kids on this street scared to leave their homes.”

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What’s interesting is that most of the residents in Kavanaugh's neighborhood already consider themselves pro-abortion.  

“The vast majority of people here are pro-choice,” Winik explained. “And the very vast majority of people here think that these protesters have gotten out of control.” 

WaPo described the experience of Emily Strulson, an artist and longtime abortion advocate who lives half a block away from Kavanaugh. Strulson, who participated in a D.C. March for abortion “rights” with her mother when she was just a middle schooler, now thinks the protests are going too far. She and her family have begun going out for long dinners on Wednesday nights to avoid the commotion. 

“I understand where their passion comes from,” said Strulson. “But I’ve had enough.”

"I do think they’re hurting their own cause," Winik added about the demonstrators.


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