Kaepernick Who? Fla. Resort Uses Towels to Recreate Betsy Ross Flag for Independence Day

Nick Kangadis | July 5, 2019
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With all of the unjustified fervor over the Betsy Ross-designed American flag — exacerbated by unemployed quarterback and seemingly anti-American activist Colin Kaepernick — one beach resort in Florida kept up with tradition and proudly displayed the questionably controversial flag during Independence Day celebrations.

TradeWinds Island Resort in St. Petersburg, Fla. continued their yearly tradition of dying literally hundreds of towels and placing them on the beach so that, when fully arranged, the towels help create an American flag. By adding 13 stars to the flag, the resort celebrated the Fourth of July by displaying a giant Betsy Ross flag.

Take a look:


Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m just biased when it comes to the country I live in, but the official flag of the U.S. — no matter the version through the years — just looks bright, vibrant and beautiful.

According to WFLA’s Facebook video post of the flag, the resort used a whopping 975 flags to create the Betsy Ross flag.

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day! God bless America!

H/T: Fox 35 - Orlando

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