Kamala Harris Brags About Buying 66,000 EVs For the Money-Hemhorraging US Postal Service

Brittany M. Hughes | December 30, 2022
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Amid historic inflation, a looming recession and beyond out-of-control government spending on ridiculous pet projects, Vice President Kamala Harris took time out of her busy schedule of doing nothing to tout the administration’s $11 billion plan to buy 66,000 electric delivery trucks for the money-hemorrhaging U.S. Postal Service by 2028.

Saving the planet, one tattered, mis-delivered letter at a time.

“Thanks to funding from our Inflation Reduction Act, the U.S. Postal Service will have nearly 66,000 electric delivery trucks in communities by 2028,” Harris posted, referring to a bill passed by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden earlier this year that purportedly “reduces inflation” by spending buckets of taxpayer cash on non-inflation-related green energy projects.

Harris added that buying battery-powered trucks “means cleaner air for communities and our nation's postal workers.”

Of course, the hilarity of Harris’ virtue-signaling on electric vehicles and their supposed positive impact on the Earth and its overall "climate" wasn’t lost on the internet, with many users pointing out that those “green” cars - to be used to deliver mail by a government-run service that lost nearly $5 billion in 2021 alone - still have to run on something.

And that “something”? Yeah. It’s fossil fuels.

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It's true. The vast majority of electricity in the United States is provided by natural gas (38%), nuclear energy (19%), and coal (22%), with only about 20% sourced from “renewables” like solar, wind, and  hydro - meaning that the planet-saving car you just plugged in to your charging wall is still being powered by fossil fuels, whether you can see them or not. On top of that, the batteries used in most EVs are created using lithium-ion, which must be mined using equipment powered by fossil fuels and processed in plants, and which can wreak havoc on the natural landscape as much as digging for coal.

So much for saving the planet.

Others pointed out that electric vehicles have a bit of a hard time running when they can’t be plugged in due to the power being out - which happens a lot in mismanaged states like California, where the grid regularly goes down during the hot summer months.

But hey, this is also an administration that still thinks the border is closed and sees releasing arms dealers for lesbian basketball players as a good trade, so dumping billions of our tax dollars into deceptively not-green cars for a largely defunct government agency sounds pretty par-for-the-course.