Kamala Harris Gave an Explainer on Electricity, and...Wow

Brittany M. Hughes | January 20, 2023
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In an attempt to speak on the left's favorite High Holy topic of climate change, Vice President Kamala Harris quickly devolved into a second-grade explanation of how electricity works and all the miraculous 21st Century things it can be used for - like putting food in a fridge, for instance. 

In case you didn't already know. 

"Today, America has more than half a million miles of transmission lines, enough to wrap around the globe 24 times.  These lines connect the power plants, where electricity is created, to homes and businesses and schools and hospitals across our nation," she slowly explained. 
"Think about it: Every time you turn on a light or charge your laptop or plug in your air conditioner or put leftovers in the fridge, you rely on the power delivered by our nation’s network of transmission lines," she went on.

Inspirational stuff.

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Harris then claimed that connecting more of America's energy grid to solar and wind farms would generate electricity that would "not just be cleaner, it will also be cheaper" - never mentioning, of course, that "green" energy is about to be very heavily subsidized by the government under the Biden administration's plan (i.e., you, the taxpayer, are already paying for it), but that renewables only make up about 20% of America's current energy infrastructure, giving wind turbines an awful long way to spin before catching up to the reliability and accessibility of coal.

This is the same woman who was once left totally perplexed by how to plug an electric car into a charger, and who later penned an entire ode to a school bus. So it's not like we can expect much, here.