Kangaroo Counties: Some Local Prosecutors Vow to Not Prosecute Abortion

Wallace White | June 27, 2022
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“Liberal prosecutor” is a contradiction in terms – just ask the residents of any large blue city in the U.S. So it shouldn’t be a shock that a group of lefty prosecutors has signed a statement by the Fair and Just Prosecution pledging to not press charges on patients or providers of abortion. 

According to Politico June 26, 84 district attorneys and other prosecutors from 29 different states and D.C will not prosecute their populations totaling 84 million Americans. Some of these signers reside in states like Alabama and Texas that have strict abortion laws coming into effect. 

The statement makes the tired leftist non-argument that “Criminalizing abortion will not end abortion; it will simply end safe abortions, forcing the most vulnerable among us — as well as medical providers — to make impossible decisions.” It alludes to some prosecutors’ power to decide which cases they take up, saying “we remain obligated to prosecute only those cases that serve the interests of justice and the people.”

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They wouldn’t know what “justice” was if it hit them in the face. Upholding the law is justice. These prosecutors are committed to their leftist agenda, not the law. They serve the interests of the left, not Americans. 

However, some states will have the power to step in if the locality doesn’t prosecute, such as Alabama and Arizona. In Texas, according to Politico, where the state AG Ken Paxton declared an annual agency-wide holiday to celebrate Roe’s demise, the Dallas County AG John Creuzot vowed to not prosecute, saying “I want women across Texas, and especially here in Dallas County, to rest assured that my office will not stand in the way of them seeking the health care they need.”

The power to not prosecute is going to be used to undermine abortion laws in a leftist denial of the Dobbs verdict. It remains to be seen how far the left will go to subvert the law in the name of child murder. This statement has set the bar quite high.


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