Kansas Dem: GOP Are 'Full of S--t' for Banning Trans From Women's Sports

John Simmons | April 6, 2023
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The Kansas state legislature successfully overrode a veto by Gov. Laura Kelly on House Bill 2238, which will prevent transgenders from competing in women’s sports from kindergarten all the way through college. The vote passed 84-40 in the House and 28-12 in the Senate and makes Kansas the 20th state to have such a ban.

The majority of Kansas lawmakers who overrode Kelly’s veto were Republicans, which naturally made Democrats highly unhappy. State Representative Susan Ruiz said that her Republican colleagues were “full of shit,” and targeted them for allegedly laughing after the bill was passed.

“This is all about wins and losses for them. This is a win for them,” Ruiz said. “They don’t care what kind of a win it is. They don’t care about the unintended consequences. They don’t care that trans kids have a target on their back.”

Sounds like something a sore loser would say.

Kelly, herself a Democrat, said that Republicans should have been focusing on other issues in education instead of this one.

“This is sort of a moral values vote,” Kelly said. “I think they voted against their own moral code and their own values. I think that’s going to be very tough for them long-term.”

Actually, they voted in line with morality, common sense, and science, so I think the long-term will be just fine for them.

Despite Kelly and Ruiz’s mind games and name-calling, it’s safe to say any lawmaker that overrode the veto will sleep well knowing that they helped enact a law that sets a barrier to protect women’s sports from insane individuals.

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