Kansas Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto on Bill Defining Gender Biologically

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 2, 2023
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In a move that reflects not only the extent to which Postmodern collectivists have succeeded in using linguistic legerdemain to push their political goals but also indicates how extensive even a “conservative” state’s “social welfare” bureaucracy already has grown, the House and Senate of Kansas have overridden Democrat Governor Laura Kelley’s April 20 veto of SB 180, a bill that explicitly defines the terms “male” and “female” according to biology.

Debra Heine notes for American Greatness:

“Kansas on Thursday became the first state to pass a bill defining a woman as ‘a human female,’ preventing courts and government officials from redefining the word to include biological men who identify as women.

The measure, which is being called ‘the most sweeping transgender bathroom law in the U.S.,’ defines a person’s sex as their ‘biological sex, either male or female, at birth’ based on their reproductive systems.

The Kansas Legislature voted 84-40 and the Senate voted 28-12 to override Democrat Governor Laura Kelly’s April 20 veto…”

And their override throws into sharp focus the Cultural Marxist industrial drive to shoehorn individuals into politically useful sub-groups then depict those groups as “victimized” and “vulnerable” underdogs. Likewise, it also exposes the Cultural Marxist tactic of extending claims of racial, sexual, or “class” victimhood long after the original victims ever were harmed, and it reveals the seep of collectivist victimology that has gone so far as to see “transsexualism” challenge the very definitions of “male” and “female” in public institutions.

Critics of this conservative pushback appear blissfully uninformed about the text of the short bill (it’s just two pages long), which focuses on how the state bureaucracy can manage social services such as rape crisis centers and shelters for victims of domestic violence.

As British author JK Rowling has tried to tell the woke, politically aggressive fantasy-fascists who excoriated her for creating an abuse-survivors’ center for truly female victims in Edinburgh, Scotland, it’s not conducive to the health of actual female residents for them forever to be vulnerable to men pretending to be women and demanding entrance to their sanctuary.

In addition to defining “male,” “man,” “boy,” “female,” “woman,” and “girl,” according to biology at birth, SB 180 states:

“…with respect to biological sex, separate accommodations are not inherently unequal.”

And it adds:

“Notwithstanding any provision of state law to the contrary, distinctions between the sexes with respect to athletics, prisons or other detention facilities, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, locker rooms, restrooms and other areas where biology, safety or privacy are implicated that result in separate accommodations are substantially related to the important governmental objectives of protecting the health, safety and privacy of individuals in such circumstances.

Any school district, or public school thereof, and any state agency, department or office or political subdivision that collects vital statistics for the purpose of complying with anti-discrimination laws or for the purpose of gathering accurate public health, crime, economic or other data shall identify each individual who is part of the collected data set as either male or female at birth.”

Of course, the statute doesn’t address the heart of the matter: collectivism, which already is practiced for all government systems (government is, by its nature, a collectivist control system that negates individual rights) and pits against each other taxpayers, recipients of government largess, and those desirous of becoming new recipients of that largess.

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Such a system, with its impossible nod to “antidiscrimination,” contains within it the seeds for continued attempts by interested welfarists to game the system in their favor, playing on emotion and the human tendency to root for the underdog in a never-ending parade of underdogs, be they real, imagined, or formerly-real, but now, long gone.

Because human beings must engage in discrimination in order to survive, but government is “not supposed to discriminate,” the battle for handfuls of that government money, for chunks of that taxpayer flesh, or for favoritism in quotas, will never cease as long as the state exists. It’s so deep a problem that even then-nominee for the US Supreme Court Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to define “woman” for Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) during her nomination hearings in March of 2022.

Government cannot handle everything people want to the extent that they would handle it if they were to pay for it individually. Thus, even so-called “essential” services -- such as government schools, police, and courts -- see various “sub-categories” of the populace claim unique “identity” and demands for special treatment at the expense of others.

How often do police walk or drive through your neighborhood? Do you want more, or do you think that such visits are upsetting and intimidating? Do you want “X” or “Y” taught in high school history class? How should a “park” be used each summer?

The list is as infinite as are the varying views and interests of every taxpayer in a political subdivision, and Cultural Marxists know that by creating “put-upon” subgroups, they can play on emotion and steer resources and power their way.

Kansas’ GOP-dominated legislature – including a single Democrat state rep named Marvin Robinson – has voted to affirm reality in the face of all of this political pressure, and Governor Kelley cannot override the vote.

But things could change, and that fact serves to remind us of the classic question, “Are ‘we’ to live under the rule of law or the rule of men?”

The key lesson being that the contemporary concept of “law” really means “statute” which IS written by men, and women. These men and women can come and go, and so the “laws” (statutes) the future occupants write could be quite different.

Only Natural Law – God’s law – is law. The rest – including statutes and even constitutions – are written by men and women who, as long as they can get control of the government, can shape their “law” – and words – to mean whatever they want them to mean.

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