Kari Lake's Filing a Lawsuit in Arizona to Challenge Midterm Results, Says Opponent 'Knows' She Didn't 'Win this Election'

Nick Kangadis | December 9, 2022
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If you’re one of the many people who think there was something off about the 2022 midterm election in Arizona, then be glad that the eventual winner essentially forced a certification of the vote that won her the governorship.

In Arizona, the Secretary of State must certify the election in order for there to be a challenge to it in terms of the validity of the results. As mentioned above, the Secretary of State who runs Arizona’s elections is also the person who allegedly won the governor’s race, Katie Hobbs (D).

Her challenger, Trump-backed Republican Kari Lake, says Hobbs “knows that she did not win this election.” She’s said so publicly and isn’t bashful about it.

In the last few days, Lake announced on two separate occasions that she will be filing a lawsuit challenging the results of the certified election. The first time Lake told “America First” host Sebastian Gorka she would be filing suit against the state of Arizona, and the second time was to host Steven Crowder on Thursday’s edition of “Louder with Crowder.”

In both instances, Lake claimed that the suit would filed on Friday, December 9.

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Lake told Gorka the following:

Nothing is done to repair and fix our elections here in Arizona. The people running them are anti-America first. And actually the only way to slow our movement was to pretty much sabotage Election Day voting and so they did that. They really did with 63% of the poll locations on election day were inoperable or not fully functioning. The tabulator machines went down, the ballot printers weren’t working, they had no ink in the ballot printers. It was a complete nightmare. And because of that, they declared my opponent the victor. And I want people to know out there that we are going to fight for election integrity. We are going to be filing a lawsuit this Friday. And we’re going to fight what happened in Maricopa County because we have a movement here. And my basement Biden opponent, Katie Hobbs, knows that she did not win this election. It’s disgusting what happened. I’m going to continue fighting.


The Republican candidate for Arizona governor made similar comments to Crowder (Lake's comments to Crowder concerning the lawsuit begin around the 58-minute mark):

We have a movement like they’ve never seen in Arizona before. And I’m not saying that to be boastful. I’m saying it because it’s about the people, and the people are fed up. They showed in droves on Election Day to vote, just as they said they would. And they were punished for voting on Election Day. They are asking me to stay in this fight. So we needed to have that sham election certified in order to fight it. That’s the statute in Arizona. If you want to challenge an election, it has to be certified. We are filing a lawsuit this Friday, and we will be challenging the election here in Arizona.


There’s been no mention of the lawsuit Friday on Lake’s Twitter account, and there’s been no news — as of this writing — concerning an actual lawsuit having been filed.


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