Kathy Griffin Reposts Trump Severed Head Picture in Effort to Regain Relevance

Nick Kangadis | January 8, 2021
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Now that the left feels they have control over the entire country and everyone in it again, the freaks are showing themselves…again.

Joan Rivers wannabe and F-list comedienne Kathy Griffin reposted her severed head picture from a few years back. The severed head, if you remember, was a lookalike of President Donald Trump’s head soaked in fake blood. The picture is accompanied by Griffin’s ghoulish-looking face being all serious.

Since Griffin initially posted the picture in question back in 2017, she claims to have been persecuted by Secret Service and the Trump administration.

Fast forward to 2021 and here we are again. Picture aside, Griffin was most likely just trying to let people know she still exists.

H/T: CNSNews