The Kearsarge Bloggers Get Connected

DannyG | August 12, 2008
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Looks like the Navy finally got its online act together and secured Internet access for the bloggers it invited aboard the USS Kearsarge. Thomas Crowe, who recently left the Navy's chaplain candidate program and resigned his commission, is embedded on the ship and blogging at RedState. The humanitarian mission begins in earnest when the crew goes ashore in Nicaragua today. Visit RedState's Operation Continuing Promise page at the link above to continue following this leg of the mission as it progresses. The blogs War Is Boring and War & Health also are reporting from the Kearsarge and Nicaragua. Based on Chris Albon's latest report at War & Health, I'd say the Navy isn't waiting until after the mission to learn some lessons about new media. Good for them. And the ship's captain isn't as concerned about disclosing the details of the Kearsarge's protection as was the public affairs officer I asked about that issue. I wish I were in Nicaragua to do the live-blogging I wasn't able to do the first two-plus days of Operation Continuing Promise. I'll definitely be following the reports of the other bloggers onboard.