Kendrick Perkins Alludes To 'Skeletons' In George Karl's Closet When Criticized For Racist Comments

John Simmons | March 9, 2023
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It would appear that JJ Reddick is not the only one calling out “First Take” co-host Kendrick Perkins for pushing a bogus race narrative.

George Karl, who spent 27 years as a head coach in the NBA coaching six different teams, called out Perkins after he claimed that speaking “the truth” about the NBA’s MVP voting process means he has no friends.

While Karl probably shouldn’t have entered into an argument that didn’t directly involve him, he’s still not wrong. Perkins pushed a narrative that suggested current NBA front-runner Nikola Jokic is only getting MVP consideration because he’s white.

As we saw with how he handled Reddick’s justified criticism, Perkins didn’t say anything intelligent back to Karl and instead suggested Karl has past issues he needs to deal with.

Karl had a quick response for Perkins.

Again, Karl probably should have stayed out of it, but at the very least he continued to show how stupid Perkins is, since he apparently has no intent on walking back his original comments.

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