Kendrick Perkins Has MVP Vote, Indicates He Won't Use It To Support White Players

John Simmons | March 31, 2023
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ESPN's Kendrick Perkins has a say in who will win this year’s NBA MVP award -- Lord help us all. It also appears he will not be using his say in the matter to vote for a white player.

Outkick’s Bobby Burack voiced his opinion on the matter, saying that in all likelihood Perkins would not be voting for any white candidates due to racial bias. Perkins liked the tweet, suggesting that he agrees with Burack’s assessment.

Burack posted a screenshot of the interaction for proof in an article he wrote on the matter:

Kendrick seems to agree with the suggestion that he won't support white men with his MVP vote

Now maybe that’s not what this means, Perkins could have clicked that absent-mindedly as he was scrolling through Twitter (after all, his mind does seem to be absent when he says or does a lot of other things). But there’s other evidence to suggest that Perkins actually meant it.

In the past, Perkins has suggested that Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic is only getting MVP consideration because he’s white. He doubled down on his take even when his co-worker JJ Reddick exposed his ridiculous stance, and now we see him seemingly agreeing with tweets that suggest he won’t vote for a white player to get MVP.

Perkins, for the sake of all of us, please retire. You’re ridiculous, unhinged, and frankly racist.

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