Kerry, UN Meet in Morocco to 'Save the Climate' as Moroccan Women Told to Hide Their Beaten Faces

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 2, 2016

There’s something almost sweetly reassuring in the predictability of collectivist hypocrisy. Leftists advocates of so-called “women’s rights” (as opposed to just “rights,” which should pretty much cover everyone) tell us that all women who claim they have been mistreated by men should be believed, yet many supported Hillary Clinton, who has a pretty bad personal record of disregarding abused women here in the US, and whose campaign took lots of cash from wealthy interests in Saudi Arabia - a nation where women aren’t even allowed to drive.

The latest example of collectivist double-standards comes, again, at the expense of women, specifically, women in Morocco, where the paternalist thieves of the Climate Change Cult recently held their umpteenth gab-fest to plot new ways to fascistically run private industry and extort tax cash via their unproven lever of “the threat of anthropogenic climate change.”

What is particularly galling about this meeting – besides the fact that they made sure to avoid discussion of the manipulated data and readjusted computer algorithms that have become well known by folks who pay attention – is that this meeting of “The Concerned” (capital “C” on that, because this is “important for humanity”) saw none of the attendees show concern for the terrible status of women in the host nation.

This is Morocco, a place where, as the Climate Mafiosos were packing their expensive gear, the state-run television network broadcast a morning “chat show” segment on how women can best – get this – use makeup to hide a beating.

I kid you not.

To the editors’ credit, on November 28, the usually worthless Washington Post published a piece about this television broadcast. To the editors’ shame, nowhere in the piece did they mention that this was the same nation where US Secretary of State John “CONCERNED” Kerry was meeting to show his care for the world by fighting the bogeyman of Climate Change.

Or, perhaps, Mr. Kerry was aware of the fact that the rotten position of women in Morocco has been reported many times, but he thought he could do better to help them by imposing carbon taxes and regulations on job-creating businesses trying to compete and save consumers money by being efficient. Perhaps, when UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon issued a pontificating press release about how the gathered politicians were going to put the “Paris Accord” into action, he was actually sending a coded message to help the women beyond the air-conditioned walls of his hotel. He was actually telling them he stood in solidarity against physical beatings, oppressive work environments and misogyny in Morocco.

Of course, if one does a Google search for any statement from any member of the 22nd Climate Cult meeting (entitled the Conference of Parties, or “COP22” under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) that search will turn up…


Meanwhile, on November 23, this is what Moroccan state-run television aired:

This is a nation in which the bulk of the population not only embraces the idea of women getting married at the age of eighteen, but sees rural women getting married at an average age of fourteen. This is a nation where more than 70% of rural women under the age of fifteen work. This is a nation that, according to AlMonitor, ranks 132 of 140 measured nations regarding the so-called “gender wage gap.”

It is a place where a simple search for “tips for women traveling in Morocco” will turn up dozens of websites dedicated to helping female tourists get prepared for the catcalls and obnoxious behavior of the men in that desert nation.

But instead of taking a breath to mention these clear, glaring facts of life on the streets of Morocco, John Kerry and the other busy-bodies are focused on enacting the 2015 Paris Climate Accord that stresses the importance of generating tax revenue:

To reach these ambitious and important goals, appropriate financial flows will be put in place, thus making stronger action by developing countries and the most vulnerable possible, in line with their own national objectives.

The glaring, and seemingly politically-motivated, blindness of the “Concerned” at this conference could not have been more starkly revealed. As they chatted and ate expensive food, the propaganda network of Moroccan television actually broadcast tips for women to hide beatings.

Those would be real women, dealing with real abuse. Not fanciful climate monsters created by politically-connected folks like those at the College of East Anglia, which hid members who wrote to each other about how to make their data fit their desired conclusions.

These are real troubles, not those manufactured by NASA through exclusion of temperature data. The rural Moroccan women who are pushed into marriage are real, not like the results of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which spouts falsehoods each time it issues a report, and has seen dissenting scientists threaten lawsuits in order to have their names disconnected from their fabrications.

These are real people, suffering under real conditions, not imaginary climate conditions fabricated by a movement that saw its progenitor back away from his original theory and ask for more honest research.

So as John Kerry and his jet-setting ilk told the hotel staff to port their expensive bags to their waiting limos, the real troubles of real people went on. But his behavior, and the blindness of his pals, is consistent with how political collectivists always treat individuals throughout history, all over the world. For collectivists, ethics and person-to-person moral interaction is subsumed. A “greater good” is served by enacting their top-down commands. Sure, women are hurting in Morocco, but it’s a host nation for a bigger, more “important” meeting, it seems, and the criticism should be shut off in favor of this goal. The ends justify the means…

Over and over, we see that the collectivist is selective about his or her outrage. It seems that only when the status of women (one avoids saying “treatment of women,” for that implies women are not fundamentally equal to men) can be used as a chip in their never-ending political assaults will the collectivists in political power speak up.

Perhaps, if John Kerry could use the rotten status of women in Morocco as a tool to further his goal of “carbon taxes,” he would say something.

Meanwhile, his selective blindness continues, as he and his elitist pals make more plans to “save the world.”