Kids Can't Be Kids Anymore: 'Sesame Street' to 'Tackle Racism' with 'Anti-Racist' Special

Nick Kangadis | October 9, 2020
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They’re coming after your kids, folks. I wish that was a joke, but it’s true — not that they haven’t gone after your kids before in the form of public school indoctrination.

“Sesame Street” will be airing a half-hour “anti-racist” special later this month that will be called, “The Power of We.” And as the Associated Press (AP) reported, creators of the show “hopes families will watch together.”

Don’t — unless you want your kids to not be able to think for themselves.

According to the AP:

The special defines racism for younger viewers and shows how it can be hurtful. It urges children who encounter racism or hear someone else be the victim of it to call it out. “When you see something that’s wrong, speak up and say, ‘That’s wrong’ and tell an adult,” 6-year-old Gabrielle the Muppet advises.

The special, composed of little skits and songs in a Zoom-like format, will stream on HBO Max and PBS Kids and air on PBS stations beginning Oct. 15.

In one animated skit, a Black Muppet is told by a white Muppet that he can’t dress up like a superhero because they’re only white. Though hurt, the Black Muppet nevertheless refuses to stop playing superheroes, saying they can come in all colors. The white Muppet soon apologizes. “Racism hurts and it’s wrong,” is the message.

The people who created this “special” seem like the racists in this situation, because — unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last five to ten years — you’d know that there have been very prominent black superheroes, like “Black Panther” and “The Falcon.”

Here’s another example of what this “special” will include:

In the song “How Do You Know?” racism is dealt with head-on. “Hey, Elmo, how would you feel if I said, ‘I don’t like you ‘cause I don’t like the color red?‘” sings Tamir, a Black, 8-year-old Muppet. Elmo responds: ”Elmo wouldn’t care what you said ’cause Elmo is proud, proud to be red!” It concludes with the lines: “Speak up. Say something. Don’t give in.”

But if the character of “Elmo” doesn’t care about being criticized for being red because he’s proud of it, then why do you need a special to combat racism?

There used to be a time when children’s shows simply taught children about manners, how to treat others and language skills. Now that these shows have gone “woke,” don’t be surprised when they eventually “go broke.” Although, to be fair, they don’t care about ratings because they live off of taxpayer money automatically given to them, as well as donations from “viewers like you.”

It might be time to stop contributing to this indoctrination.