Kirk Cameron: Bible is 'More Powerful Than Any Book on Harry Potter’s Shelf'

Mark Judge | May 2, 2017

There aren’t any Dementors, but Satan makes an appearance.

Kirk Cameron is thrilled about the success of the game show The National Bible Bee, which premiered on April 4th on Facebook Live. The show, whose format is a quiz about Bible knowledge, is hosted by Cameron, a well known Christian actor and producer who gained fame in the 1980s on the sitcom “Growing Pains.”

"More powerful than any book on Harry Potter's shelf, the Holy Bible has transformed people and nations for thousands of years,” Cameron told the website “I was thrilled to host the National Bible Bee Game Show to bring more attention to these incredible young people who have devoted so much time to scripture memorization and proclamation. My hope is that the National Bible Bee Game Show not only inspires young people all over the world to read and memorize God's Word, but that they see it gives life, it heals, and transforms people wherever it goes.”



Over 1 million people tuned in to view the premiere of show on April 4, the first television series to broadcast on Facebook Live. The game show features 72 young people ranging from 7 to 18 years of age who memorize up to 850 Bible verses in 90 days and compete for $270,000 in prize money.

The show is produced by Enthuse Entertainment. Since the National Bible Bee’s first contest in 2009, more than 40,000 young people have participated. Previous winner Hannah Leary told prweb that the game is far more than rote memory. “It's not just memorizing Scripture. It’s studying Scripture and being able to dive in deep and understand what God has to say in His Word. Our hope is that young people will be inspired to sign up for the National Bible Bee Summer Study.

The National Bible Bee is currently being broadcast on Facebook Live every Tuesday night at 8pm Eastern.

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