LA Police Chief Bans 'Divisive' 'Thin Blue Line' Flag In Public Displays

Brittany M. Hughes | January 25, 2023
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The chief of the Los Angeles Police Department has banned the display of the pro-law enforcement “Thin Blue Line” flag in stations, on cop cars, and at official public events after one single person complained that the symbol is associated with radical right-wing groups and “white supremacy.”

Because nothing says "I've got my guys' backs" quite like putting the kibosh on a flag that stands for that very sentiment.

According to this, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore has barred the flag, which is generally used to express support for police and other law enforcement agencies, from being displayed in station lobbies, on officers’ uniforms, on police vehicle bumper stickers, and pretty much anywhere it can be seen by members of the public, saying the banner is “divisive.”

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“While I do not personally view the ‘Thin Blue Line Flag’ in the same manner as the community member and others, its display in our public lobbies can be divisive,” Moore told NewsNation affiliate KTLA.

Unfortunately, the LA Police Department isn't the first to bow to leftwing pressure on this issue. One police chief in Minnesota apologized last week after his department used the Thin Blue Line symbol in a social media post meant to show support for law enforcement on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, saying that while the symbol was meant to convey a positive message, "the image offended some who viewed it."

Hilariously, while the justification behind the ban is that the Thin Blue Line flag is somehow linked to far-right white supremacy groups, according to the LAPD’s own numbers, only about 30% of the officers sworn into the department in 2020 were white. Another 50% were Hispanic, while 9% were Black and another 8% were Asian or Pacific Islander.

It looks like in LA, "backing the blue" means supporting an awful lot of racial minorities - not that social justice warriors or the cowards who kowtow to them care about actual facts.