Lakers Announce 4th Pride Night, But Block Comments On Instagram

John Simmons | September 29, 2022
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The Los Angeles Lakers announced on Wednesday that they will be hosting their fourth Pride Night, and that lots of big-name supporters of the poisonous LGBT agenda will be in attendance.

However, when the Lakers made the announcement on Instagram, they disabled the comment function on the post.


A post shared by Los Angeles Lakers (@lakers)

While the Lakers social media team stopped all interaction on Instagram, they forgot to do so on Twitter. Naturally, plenty of users let them hear it for announcing this unnecessary pandering.

If the Twitter responses are any sort of indication for what the comments on Instagram were like, it's easy to see why LA disabled the comments: they wanted people to stop dunking on the franchise and chastising it for its stupidity. 

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But it's more than just shutting out the voices of those who are giving them well-deserved flack. By not allowing people to voice their opinions on the matter -- at least on Instagram -- Los Angeles is inferring that the only acceptable way to react to this announcement is by celebrating the LGBT lifestyle. Any viewpoint that does not display ardent support for what they are doing is deemed hateful and intolerable and subsequently shut down. 

Isn’t that slightly hypocritical? If you say its okay for gay people to “Live their truth,” what makes it wrong for people to disagree with their agenda? Shouldn’t anyone that doesn’t support this ideology also be allowed to live in a way that's true to them? 

While the Lakers, will never admit it verbally, the answer they declared through their actions is that any voices opposing this agenda are wrong and need to be silenced. This whole situation is a microcosm for what happens in the real world, and in case you’re wondering, that’s not a good thing.