Lauren Southern Documentary Clip Reveals NGO Leader Admitting to Teaching Migrants How to Lie

Nick Kangadis | November 14, 2018
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Americans really need to begin paying attention to what’s going on overseas, because if the migrant caravan that’s approaching the U.S. — some of whom have already reached the Mexico/U.S. border — are in any way successful in their endeavor, the tactics used by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and migrants to enter Europe will make their way here.

Investigative journalist and documentarian Lauren Southern is in the process of making her second documentary, which is a follow-up to the documentary she and her crew did on the plight of white South African farmers, “Farmland.”

The new documentary, titled “Borderless,” delves into the migrant crisis currently facing Europe. Southern released an undercover clip on YouTube on Tuesday of how NGOs are aiding in the mass invasion of a continent.

They’re teaching the migrants to lie to governments.

“So the last six days I’ve been with Ariel [Ricker, Founder of the NGO Advocates Abroad], who is their CEO/executive director, and she’s literally told me everything,” undercover reporter only identified as “George” said. “All the stuff that they [NGOs] shouldn’t be doing. Worse stuff than we thought they might be doing.”

The “stuff” that “George” is referring to, that the NGOs “shouldn’t be doing,” includes coaching migrants before their government interviews, teaching them how to properly lie so that they can enter Europe through Greece, and also teaching the migrants on how to deceive government interviewers by lying about being Christian.

“Three hundred and eighty staff,” “George” said. “They’ve [NGOs] had about 15,000 people go through, more at the moment…”

“So it’s not just a couple sob stories?” Southern asked.

“This is industrialized legal aid, essentially,” “George” responded. “It’s huge.”

“George” has been undercover on the Greek island of Lesvos infiltrating and gathering undercover information and recordings of the workings of NGOs, like Ricker’s Advocates Abroad.

Ricker can be heard on the undercover recordings telling “George” how her organization teaches migrant refugees to lie to European government interviewers in order to gain entrance to the European continent.

“Do you coach people on like, physicality?” “George” asked.

Ricker responded:

Yeah, I tell them that this, um, acting. All of this is acting. It’s all acting as though this is theatre. So, for them to get though, they must act their part in the theatre. And that is the refugee in trauma, because these EASO [European Asylum Support Office] officers are so fucking stupid that all they know is what’s written on the paper.

Ricker reveals more information, that if it was happening to the U.S., your blood would be on a steady boil. Ricker also divulges how her organization engages in roleplaying activities to show the migrant how to properly act in order to convey sympathy from the governmental interviewer, including how to pray like a Christian.

Ricker, at one point in the undercover recording, even admitted to illegal activity.

“So the leader [of ERCI, Emergency Response Centre International] was, like, properly involved with smugglers?” “George” asked Ricker.

“Of course they were,” Ricker responded. “I mean we all are to some degree. Like, there’s no question of that.”

Wake up, people! This could be coming to a border, if there’s one left, near you.

To view the clip from Southern’s “Borderless” documentary, watch below: